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The fight against counterfeiting and intellectual property protection

Piracy is today one of the most common types of crime, which has very low levels of detection. This is due to the huge number of different factors that impede the development of a clear algorithm to combat counterfeiting. And one of the challenges is to find and eliminate the existing distribution channels of counterfeit goods, and to identify all persons who are related to a breach of intellectual property rights. In Ukraine there is a serious problem in the field of intellectual property rights protection, which prevents the emergence of new products and the start of cooperation with many companies from other countries.
To ensure the protection of their intellectual property, a little cooperation with law firms, no matter how experienced specialists in this field as they are. Trademark protection requires diligent and purposeful work associated with the identification of potential supply chain of counterfeit goods, the definition of the circle of persons who may have something to do with a number of other numerous measures aimed at combating counterfeiting. All this in full you can provide employees detective agency "Conrad", with many years of experience in the field of intellectual property protection and the fight against piracy.

Carrying out checks on counterfeit

The fight against counterfeitingIf you have suspicions on the subject of what a third party illegally used the brand of your company, your brand, trademark, you can now apply to our detective agency to conduct a full investigation. Our experts will identify the person related to the violation of your rights. In particular we will have to collect information and all the documents that will prove the violations. And most importantly, that the information gathered will help to curb the activities of the perpetrators by the government agencies in accordance with the law, we are also ready to take an active part in addition to providing the necessary evidence. You can be sure that all the perpetrators who have encroached on your intellectual property, will certainly be punished.

If you are already suing over the protection of their intellectual property, or just planning to sue, we recommend that you use the services of our experienced lawyers. We guarantee you a complete collection of all the necessary documents for the process, including their pre-trial preparation. We not only take all necessary according to the law of action, but also to prevent unnecessary movements that can only hurt you. When working with us you will not only get the opportunity to work with the best lawyers in Ukraine, but can also be assured guarantee a successful solution of your question.

Our experts will carry out full monitoring in order to identify a violation of your rights. It will be carried out to collect all evidence. If necessary, will be conducted additional investigative measures to identify counterfeit production and location, as well as the organization of examinations aimed at confirming that the products are the result of pirated production.

In some cases, investigators should participate?

In the event that there was a theft of your personal intellectual property rights or your rights have been in any way infringed by copying and distribution of valuable material for the purpose of personal gain, you will certainly need to apply to our detective agency. When working with us you can be assured of full protection of your rights and in their full return.

For our part we guarantee not only complete privacy, but also extremely professional and individual approach that is used to protect your intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting.