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Graphological psychoanalysis

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Graphological psychoanalysis , ie, drawing psihoportreta modeled on the handwriting. Penetration into the hidden essence of personality, will be very deep. Complexes, neuroses, of frustration, genetic psychotype, style of communication, decision-making strategy, leadership, and much more. Customer may request a special detail to clarify certain aspects psihoportreta personality.

Graphological method initially assumes complete and absolute confidentiality. Handwriting does not ask a single question and not trying to be initiated into the secrets of strangers. Its mission - to reveal the most deeply human, the handwriting of which he granted. If the customer provides his own handwriting, then it should not be on this soobschat.U practicing handwriting should not be any original facilities and the more their own projections. Procedure Graphology psychoanalysis strictly anonymous. In this regard Graphological psychoanalysis is fundamentally different from classical psychoanalysis of Freud and his followers.

But when psihoportret "opened", of course, is additional psihoterapevticheskoe counseling. In the course of psychoanalysis Graphology - free. If only we do not have to deal with the writing of the text.

We work as graphology on the conditions of the Customer and very rarely put forward their own, but this also happens. From years of practice found that the best "graphology information" is transmitted and understood by the Customer through the "analog means." This audiotape or videotape of the story handwriting and specifying a dialogue with him with the necessary personal contact (not even important who is present: the customer himself or his broker, or owner of the handwriting in one person). Chance and interactive contact (virtually been repeatedly tested) when handwriting gives psychoanalysis and answers questions on his mobile phone. An efficient method. On the Internet in an interactive mode Graphological psychoanalysis will also be very effective, but case law to date has not yet happened. The meeting place for the implementation of Graphology psychoanalysis defines customer, but we are always ready to meet.

It is also possible Graphological psychoanalysis on the Internet mode of transmission of the text. By fax or the Internet to submit the sample of handwriting and prepayment receive text Graphological psychoanalysis. Intelligence. Quality of psychoanalysis and so far beyond the competition.

We are ready to order to give written graphology conclusion. It is simply the most labor-intensive method (hence the price) and most importantly, still then have to meet with the customer to clarify certain aspects of textual information. In fact, the double work. Although, sometimes without it can not do. But direct contact with the audio or video recording of the conversation, or interactive still much more productive. Works feedback and information is transmitted properly without distortion. Please take this into account. Text mode, in fact, play in the discourse. Everyone understands the text in its own way. But man is united. And it must be perceived holistically and specifically.

Chance of a comprehensive psycho-analysis (graphology + + physiognomy of disease symptoms). Price for services will grow by about 30%, provided that the procedure is "live" with direct contact (possible interactive, audio, video). If you want to compile a written dossier on the customer the price at least double.

It is in such an integrated approach is graphology marital counseling. The handwriting of the child (age over 10 years), mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, for these things still photos - graphologist tell these characters and show genealogical roots. They also include symptoms of disease - we will try to explain why it is specifically these diseases in the family clan and try to help. Such a combination of psychoanalysis, very long time - from two to four hours, but a fully justified. Unauthorized access and psychoanalytic therapy undoubtedly will bring good results.

You can select the candidate from the sample, more than five different types of handwriting and more. We call this very procedure "Graphological casting. Simply put, the bust of candidates with a short but informative summary of each. In our practice, the sample reached 30 people. The price for these services be negotiated.

In-depth psychoanalysis of two or more handwriting of people who have to work in "pair" or "bundle". In other words, psychoanalysis Graphological team, which already employed or formed. These same Graphological psychoanalysis formed by collision type "Head - the deputy", or "Head of Department - Chief specialist. We define it as "a communicative bunch." In fact, it Graphological psychoanalysis mezhdulichnostnyh relationship.




Graphological psychoanalysis

Graphological psychoanalysisGraphological psychoanalysis