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Control your mobile phoneEvery parent worry about their children, about their academic success, health, other aspects of life. And here it plays an important role not only the physical condition of the child, but also his moral side of life, which is also an active influence and can have completely different people. And it becomes a toddler, the older, the more threats appears in his life because of its independence and the desire to become an adult before it actually happens. You can already do not learn from the child about his new friends, as recently he enthusiastically told you may not know that his phone come strange messages from adults, because for some reason, the child simply scared to tell you about it. But this does not mean that younger children are safe. After all, for sure, today many parents enjoy babysitting services, whose work also needs to be controlled and to be sure that your child is not in danger, when you leave it with quite a stranger. The same applies to the control disabled relatives who also have fewer children, and sometimes even greater need of care, even if you hired them to nurse.

Today this problem is solved quite simply. Mobile control using special software and hardware complex will provide you with information not only about the people for whom you are responsible, but also about what is happening in their surroundings. And if you just can not get through to a child or family member, then there is no need for panic, drop everything and rush home. You can simply use a special feature that allows you to see everything that happens where your child is. Take a picture or video of it as a telephone. Moreover, neither the child nor the ones who will be next to him did not suspect anything because the phone does not show itself. Well, considering that not infrequently phone is in your pocket or bag to understand how critical the situation is, you can just listen to what is happening, so you can hear conversations in the room.
Interceptor SMS messages on your phone and on the InternetVirtual life is so real is firmly that make some differentiation is almost impossible. And considering that today it from the Internet is a huge flow of information, it is important to take serious measures to prevent children's access to resources that can harm them. One accidentally pressing the wrong link will lead to the fact that your child is bombarded with negative content, as it is unlikely to hasten to inform you. But this raises a few problems. Firstly, it is necessary to know exactly what those resources child attends, as well as having the ability to block access to them. And our complex offers all of these features. You'll see what sites the child is most often out what information to download, with whom and what to communicate because you will have the passwords from his private office, regardless of whether it www.vk.com - Vkontakte, www.instagram.com - Instagram, www.facebook.com - Facebook, www.ok.ru - Classmates, on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or some dating site. And at any moment you will be able on their own to produce a lock access to the child, if it considers that the use of these resources is really causing serious harm by distracting from school and just from the real communication. But it already is the responsibility of the parents, who at the same time and have to show some wisdom.But our control of the mobile phone via the Internet to provide you with the ability to produce and read SMS messages and see the mms message, as well as all the files, photos, various records that are forwarded to the phone itself, respectively, and received it. And even if your child tries to cover his tracks by deleting his correspondences, it is for you to our complex, they will still be available as affordable and simple files that are stored on the mobile phone. Nothing can hide from you your child. But the main goal is not just to get into the secret corners of his life and soul. The most important thing in such a situation to protect the innocent child from the influence of the world in which a very large flow of the unnecessary and harmful to his mental health information.

Location subscriberOur software and tehnchiesky complex also solves this problem as an opportunity to listen to your mobile phone.And if you want to know where at the moment is your child? Similarly, if he went to school or decided to walk together with friends? Of course, when this happens once, then there is nothing critical. But if it happens all the time, with a certain frequency, it is simply worth to take certain measures. But there must be confidence that this is indeed a systematic disregard for employment. Get solid evidence of his suspicions, you can, if you just will periodically check the whereabouts of the child, using our complex. You can simply look at the map Google where the child will be marked with an indication of the point area, the street and house number where it is located. If the child will be on the street or in motion, it will also become clear. Including you can always see and move history, allowing you to not only know where your kid at the moment, but also where it was before.

Our software and hardware is very simple to use, because it has a very intuitive interface that everyone can understand. But of course, that from us you will get a full consultation to the application. To our specialists can "recharge" your phone, you will need to provide us with the unit for about an hour, but better on the day. The cost of the annual subscription starts from the use of 500 USD It should be remembered that to monitor the mobile phone via the Internet can be legally only in respect of minor children and incapacitated relatives. In all other cases, in particular to carry out monitoring of mobile phone of his wife, you take full responsibility.In accordance with Article 163 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine for violating the privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations and other forms of information exchange, the man faces a fine of from fifty to one hundred times the minimum income or sentence of up to three years. And if you eat is made unofficial information regarding public and state figures, in this situation the person faces a term of three to seven years.


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