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Determination of the real owner of the page in the VC

VKontakte - this is one of the most popular social networks, which allows modern man is not just to keep in touch with old and new friends, as well as address many operational issues and conduct business. But apart from a number of advantages, there are also some disadvantages of such resources. The fact is that the social network VKontakte, despite all possible precautions used by the security service of the resource itself, at times becoming a dangerous tool in the hands of a wide variety of attackers for which there is no difficulty to hide his true face behind feykovye pilgrim from "name" they can not simply carry on correspondence, but to commit their criminal acts.

Determination of the real owner of the page in the VCThus in those countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), which www.vk.com actively used by various segments of the population, the law on the prevention and the prevention of crimes committed via the Internet, does not act as actively as the situation requires. In this connection it is extremely difficult to detect fraud, spies, blackmailers and other intruders. But this does not mean that there is no way to identify the true owner of an account registered in the VC. To do this, you only have to contact the detective agency, "Conrad", our specialists set the phone number that was used for the registration page. In particular, we have the opportunity to learn from some email or ip bot registration has been made in the VC.

 And owning this information, we can establish a real person who hides behind the avatar with someone else invented name. Thus, you will be able to protect their children from communicating with undesirable persons, to know exactly who is actively interested in your personal life, to identify those who try to harm your business.

To set the real user VC, you only need to give us a link to his page. It is also possible to work at the phone number or an email, or other sources of man. Thus, we will be able to find out whether the owner of the mobile phone registered users of social networks. All work will be done by our experts as soon as possible. But the exact time of execution of this order depends on the specific situation.

Someone hacked into your page?

Apart from a large activity bots, populating the internet, it is a serious problem breaking pages in the social network of specific users, causing them not only a moral, but also part of the financial loss. Turning to us, you'll find out exactly who is so interested in your personal or professional life, he decided to break into your personal account. And even if the hacker behind it is the customer who wants to hide himself, we will take all possible options for establishing his identity.

Removal of "clones"

Basically, the problem concerns famous personalities, but also can affect and general Internet users when their name is created several pages, which then conducted the correspondence or laid false information. And no matter how much any of these pages were created with your data, our experts will not just be able to identify all of them, but also produce a complete removal.

Information recovery

If you accidentally or intentionally deleted some information from your account, which is now for some reason you require again: photos, videos, audio recordings, personal correspondence with other users - please call our detective agency "Conrad". Our experts will be able to produce the maximum data recovery.