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(Delegation in all regions of Ukraine)

Actually, the investigation of criminal cases should be dealt with by law enforcement agencies. But, unfortunately, the number of «wood grouses» and relinquished material indicates that this task, they do not always.

To help you ready to come, our detective agency. His technical equipment for their capacity greatly exceeds the capacity of the police. A vast experience of our staff is the best guarantee of a thorough and comprehensive investigation. So if you, for whatever reason, are interested in an objective and detailed consideration of a particular criminal case, without the help of our detective agency, you can not do. We'll come to your aid if you are unjustly accused of a crime or, instead, the offense had been affected by your interests, and the investigating authorities do not take all measures necessary to restore justice.

Contact us and we'll investigate any case, irrespective of its complexity and the spatial location.




TRK "Kyiv" program "Special Forces" of the Detective Agency "Conrad"