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The investigation of crimes on the Internet

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Development of progress in science and technology is in the direction of new information technologies. The more computer technology involved in commercial circulation, the more there is a need to protect them from illegal actions. Having the concept of computer crime (cyber crime), Internet crime, drug abuse information. The subject of criminal activity has become information.

Using the Internet, committed theft of another's property, criminal extortion under threat of blocking or destruction of electronic databases owned by large corporations and public organizations, to disseminate pornographic scenes in the mode of on line, false allegations of acts of terrorism, compromising materials against natural and legal persons. Computer technology is increasingly becoming not only a tool, but also the means and manner of committing traditional crimes: counterfeiting money and documents, theft by embezzlement and misappropriation, consumer fraud, forgery plastic credit and bank cards, copyright violations, etc.

The increased interest of criminals to the Internet is not accidental. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not managed by a particular person or entity, and even a separate state. There are practically no effective form of control over information flows, which opens up unlimited opportunities for access to them, and they are increasingly being used in criminal activity.

Now the Internet is actively used by organized criminal groups operating in a planned and long-committing computer crimes. They are usually engaged in "hacker attacks" on other people's data banks and databases, including government organizations, and strategic targets for the appropriation of information for future sale or extortion. The most attractive sector for the criminals is a credit and banking.

Organized crime groups and criminals lone active use of modern information technology in the commission of both traditional and hi-tech crimes and to establish systems of conspiracy and illegal connection. For disclosure of criminal assault committed with the use of computer and telecommunications equipment, particularly probative value have information recorded on electronic media, the so-called digital evidence. If the information is available in the global network, access is only possible with the use of network technologies.

Specialists detective agency "Conrad" possessing special knowledge and practical skills at a high professional level will take the disclosure of crime in the sphere of high technologies.



The investigation of crimes on the Internet \


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