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The most popular service detective agency "Conrad" in Vinnitsa.

According to one version, the name was because of Vinnitsa city located in its territory distilleries for the production of wine of beer. And for many centuries in a row the city proudly bears the title industry. Built in the distant post-war, many of the factories of Vinnitsa region are working successfully and to this day. But, if then in 1944-1950 a major difficulty for them was raw, current, already mostly private enterprises are faced with completely different problems. One of them is industrial espionage. This includes an enterprise embedded spyware installed in the space bugs, surveillance of telephone and many others. One goal - to collect information and sensitive business, such as a database of customers, technological developments and methods of the enterprise and its subsequent transfer to competitors. In the fight against this danger is ready to help a detective agency, "Conrad." Work to eliminate the leakage of information can be carried out in 2 directions - Search Spy, which is generally used "lie detector", or, if it is correct to say - "Polygraph test" and check the premises to detect listening device. If a detective agency found "bug" or failed to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones, the next step will be to their neutralization, which uses a "antiproslushka." That it will ensure that the telephone conversation of man will continue to occur without the participation of foreign ears.

For industrial areas such as the Vinnytsia region will also be helpful service detective agency "Conrad" and to establish business contacts. Find people by last name or find people by phone number, business contact with whom, for some reason has been lost - quite an urgent task in Vinnitsa. But the people wanted, carried out a detective agency not only pursues this goal. Find the address on the phone, through the databases of people and phone search people by name and often relates to the affairs of the family and falls under the category of "family search."

In family affairs detective agency "Conrad" is involved and if necessary check on the fidelity of a spouse. She performed in the case if, for example, a husband suspects that his wife was cheating on him. However, he may not even be those who assume a lover. Surveillance, which will produce a private investigator in conjunction with measures such as photo and video monitoring and continuous surveillance of a person (wife, husband), will provide all the answers. What would be prudent and careful not trying to be a wife, a cheating husband, if any, will soon be revealed. And after that my husband does not cost anything to file for divorce - adultery husband has always been a weighty reason for this. If you as a customer is a woman, the situation is similar: to identify her husband's infidelity will be made promptly and will allow the spouse to obtain a lucrative divorce.

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