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The introduction of our staff

   (Offices in all regions of Ukraine)

Many companies use the method of introducing the collective Employees (agents) and in periods of unrest, and in periods of calm. In the first case - so as not to lose the loyalty of staff, and the second - to strengthen it. This role may be specially invited consultant. It is about a person's exercise of influence on the team for leadership. The role of the embedded staff is extremely important for a company in transformation, for example, when there is restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. Because of these events staff usually have a serious concern. The excitement may be associated with reduced staffing levels, the redistribution of power, the need to start working with new people. In such situations, from the man to the success of the company.

Outside expertise enables point influence on employees. Not to mention the fact that the introduction of our staff in the working team will help identify and document the illegal activities of staff related fraud illegal seizure of property or violation of law.

We must recognize that no company is immune to these factors, but the risk of abuse can and should be minimized. Any offense is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences.




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