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Dossier on the detective game of spies

Dossier on detective /  Game of Spies

Daria Ptitsyna

Private detectives do not advertise their real names, but their activity is outside the legal field. But it is at their service we use when there is a delicate situation in which the police can not help us
Dossier on detective /  Game of Spies
"We are doing what the police can not"It is part of the activity of detective agencies is associated with exposure adulterers. And to what extent it really is true assumption, since many customers are turning to it with such requests. Naturally, the police will not investigate such matters. "There are times when we are even willing to pay for the stay on any resort, but we found out how well behaved on vacation the second half of our client, - says Yuri on this subject, which is the head of the Moscow detective agency" Conrad. " - There are even those who just want to play spies. And no matter how much evidence of loyalty to their spouses or we presented, they will still suffer in their suspicions. And we are willing to pay money for services rendered. "

The most popular services detective agency

The search for missing people. This request is most often falls to the detectives. People tend to find their friends, family, first love, and asked to find swindlers and debtors. Often it happens that the teenager leaves the house, but it does so only out of a desire to see what will take his parents how much they love him, and whether experience. The police will carry out search of man, only after three days after his disappearance. We proceed to such work immediately after the customer asked. It is best to do this work without delay.
The examination of potential business partners for their loyalty. If you hire a private investigator, you can best protect yourself from a wide variety of fraudulent actions. Work can be a private detective, including in the company as a crisis manager, whose main task will be to identify the facts of information leakage, as well as employees, dishonest. Including you can hire him if you need to inspect the premises to detect eavesdropping.
Maintain surveillance of children. What does your child while you are away from home, he did not get into bad company. All this will tell you an experienced detective. And if you need proof that your significant other is cheating on you, then all the more call the detective agency. Including these professionals are engaged in conducting a polygraph examination and search of vehicles carried fiziognomiecheskie graphology and expertise make genealogical tree of families and provide legal services. And this is not the whole list of possibilities.

"Although many companies now offer services in Ukraine private detective work, they provide their veils, guided by the principle of" can do anything that is not explicitly prohibited by law, "- said the legal counsel of the National House of Hope Rybalchenko. Detective agencies are registered as auditors or attorneys of the company, limited liability companies, and even the media. Indeed, the concept of "legal services" is quite extensive, but as part of investigative journalism is not allowed to open records, including the use of any technical means, to visit enterprises, institutions and organizations and to be accepted by their officials, etc.

Expert Commentary

Taboo for the detectives
Dossier on detective /  Game of Spies
Nadezhda Rybalchenko, Legal Counsel of the National Chamber

If the detective agency is registered as a law firm, when detectives carrying out their activities link to the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy". If the work of detectives is a part of investigative journalism, their activity is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On the print media (the press) in Ukraine." Under these laws, as well as the Constitution of Ukraine, private detectives have no right to interfere in the personal and family life, collect, maintain and use confidential information about a person without his or her personal soglasiya.K the same to everyone in our country are guaranteed the confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations , telegraph and other correspondence. Exceptions can be established only by a court in cases prescribed by law, to prevent crime or to find out the truth during an investigation of a criminal case, if other ways to get information impossible. The same applies to the house (apartment) man - penetration into homes and other property, conduct a search or inspection there shall be allowed only on the basis of a reasoned judgment. Endowed with such powers only the bodies responsible for the operational-search activities (operational units of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, State Border Service of Ukraine, Department of Civil Protection, the State Tax Service of Ukraine, officials and penal institutions and remand centers of State Criminal Executive Service of Ukraine, and exploration Authority Ministry of Defence).

Together with the police

His experience in the treatment of private investigation is divided Vadim K.: "We have been robbed once a summer residence. Appealed to the police, but they half-heartedly responded to our application. The private detective could find the robber, but to bring him to justice has not been possible. " Indeed, according to the legal counsel of the National House of Hope Rybalchenko, since the activities of private detectives is outside the legal field, then any reference to the fact that the information obtained as a result of a detective, was illegal and, according to Article 62 of the Constitution, can not be grounds for prosecution. At the same time, there is decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine from October 20, 2011 № 12-rp/2011, which states that if evidence obtained by chance, they can be recognized as valid by the court and included in the trial. In any case, it should be decided by the court in a legal manner.

Any reference to the fact that the information obtained as a result of a detective, was illegal and can not be grounds for prosecution

"Pay attention!" Asks

How to distinguish a professional from the amateur detective?

Yuri, the coordinator of the Kiev detective agency "Conrad"

You can not call a professional person who gives one hundred percent guarantee that it will fulfill the order, especially if the exact timing points. Chance of a force majeure, or the human factor has not been canceled. In addition, the detective, offering his services, should have experience of such activities. And since we have no schools in the country detectives is work still to those who spent some time in the organs and knows this system inside.

You can not call a professional person who gives one hundred percent guarantee that it will fulfill the order

How much is true

The minimum price for the work of a private detective in Ukraine - 250-300 dollars. So much is a simple collection of information. If you want to track down the man, the more information you provide about it, the lower the price for services. If you need someone to observe a day of work is also estimated to be 250-300 dollars.

Dossier on detective /  Game of Spies
Comment on the detectives:

As a lawyer I have always advocated that any activity was legalized and regularized. It is in this context it is worth talking about detective agencies. Let the market is not developed, but everyone knows that such agencies do exist, and the activities are. At the same time very often these activities - surveillance, wiretapping, data collection, photos and videofiksatsiya - contrary to several laws and the Constitution. It is also clear that the newly minted detectives will find thousands of loopholes in the law, not to take responsibility for their actions. Being in such a semi-legal status, often the so-called detective agencies sheltering from taxes. It should also be noted that with the adoption of the new Criminal Procedure Code, many of the "results" of investigations will lose all meaning, because in no way can be attached to the materials of the trial, when it comes to real crime. Therefore, as a parliamentarian, I advocate that all activities included in the detective agencies the legal framework. I hope that the relevant bills will be considered and to make the parliament.