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Is adultery? A thousand dollars for the news

At this point in Ukraine is not on the legislative level to settle matters relating to the activities of detective agencies. But despite such vicissitudes, this activity is extremely popular nowadays. Today, LED decided to find out how much you need to pay Ukrainian Sherlock Holmes, so they decided to your question, as well as, for the solution to which they are willing to take questions of who gets a job in these organizations and that it is able to deceived women and how much she is ready to give money to catch red-handed her Blessed.

Detective is sufficiently competent and very erudite man, who speaks several languages, has a great life experience is psychological skills, analyze any situation. This is the man who is capable in critical situations make the right decisions quickly enough, while fully taking on the responsibility for this. And you should definitely add more and the fact that his excellent sense of humor combined with the acting skills, which would have envied some of the stars of theater and cinema. All this makes their work quite successful, considering that not infrequently detectives have to reincarnate to achieve this goal. Most often, the detectives are those people who have served in law enforcement and were dismissed at their own request, or simply retired. But in order to learn as much as possible reliable information on the work of private investigation, you need to communicate directly with their employees, and decided to do what our correspondents, schedule an appointment Sergeant Andrew, who is a detective agency "Conrad", which is located in the Volyn region.

And as he says Andrei, a profession as a private detective is surrounded by a certain aura of romance and mystery, precisely because of the huge number of filmmakers and various writers. But what happens in real life, very different from what they say, these creative people. Detective work is very laborious and routine. But as it happens and is extremely dangerous. It is very important for the effectiveness of such work and achieve the necessary results to the client as much as possible trust detective, and to do so he must no less than his own doctor. Naturally, when this person can be fully confident in absolute confidentiality and that the detective will certainly abide by the law. There is also concern detectives can relate and security quite young children. It's no secret that many maids and nannies and governesses sometimes not that do not meet the specific requirements of their employers, but blatantly abuse the trust of these people. Therefore, it never hurts to using private detectives to carry out a little investigation and identify with the use of technology, there are no violations on the part of your household staff. Believe me, it very quickly all the secret will be revealed.

Among the many men jealous

According to Detective Andrew, in turn detective agency with a variety of requests, and sometimes they come and very unusual. There was one situation when detectives asked to make the collection of information about a particular face. But in the end it turned out that it was the customer and thereby face. It simply overcome by curiosity, they will be able to collect his experienced detectives.

The other order was linked to the surveillance of the husband of the client. But when the work of the detectives noticed that the observed object behaves, at least, strange. He could go to taxi and take his place, but as soon as the driver starts to drive off, demanded to stop because he wanted to get out. In the elevator, he could go on one floor, but staying on him, did not come out, and went on. In the taxi after landing, he sometimes flew through a red light at breakneck speed, it was, in principle, not quite normal. And when the officers of the detective agency were to meet ordered it to get money for their work, she went to meet her husband thereby. And as it turned out, he also expressed interest in just how to work as a private detective.
But most of the customers of private detectives are married people who want to find out there was someone on their side in the second half. There was a case when one of the residents of other countries turned to the detectives with the request to inspect his bride, who lives in Ukraine. It is very interested in the question of how it is faithful to him throughout the separation. And as it turned out, he really had something to worry about. There was also the situation when asked and the woman, very nice and secured. She is very worried about the issue of fidelity of her boyfriend, who was much younger than herself. Although they have a very long time been in a relationship that has brought them to the issue of legitimate marriage. And as shown by the investigation detectives, the young man sometimes allowed himself to have fun on the side.

According to the detective, in cases when a person makes a suspicion that his significant other is cheating and asked to clarify this issue, the more often, eighty percent of such suspicions are confirmed. And most of all clients for this service are men, and most are secured and ready to take any steps to find out the truth and not allow anyone to deceive ourselves. The women in this respect, the most secretive and tend to primarily use its own forces. But later, when they realize that they themselves simply can not cope, it will certainly appeal to the detective agency.

One was the situation when asked for help a woman. It sought to establish the fact of her husband's infidelity. And during the meeting it provided the photos that was the former head of one of the employees of the detective agency. The detective did not keep his emotions and called it the usual patronymic, what woman is very surprised asked about what they know. Naturally, the detective said that he was mistaken. Although the lady began to rummage in his memory and remembered the man. In this case, the detective had to change during the surveillance. But despite such nuances still everything went quite well and without any problems. It turned out that her husband was faithful to his wife, as she would have learned and what was incredibly pleased.

Detective Agency - work for actors

The work of private detectives are very different situations. I entered one order from a woman who wanted to gather as much information about the child of one of the women living in the area. During the order mentioned, and the name of the child's father. As it turned out later, this lady had some relationship with her husband when they turned to the detectives women. But after he broke up with her, she began to blackmail him to destroy the family.

It happens that the appeal is not entirely adequate and customers. Once I asked for help the owner of his own company, who wanted to identify among its employees those who steal his goods across the enterprise. And for this purpose it was decided to hold the implementation of one of the detectives who had to play the role of an employee of the company. It was planned that the order will be executed very quickly. But for the first time the head of the company gathered all his team and told them that very soon will be able to get them to clean water and to identify the perpetrator of theft, because in their team now runs a private detective who carries a secret investigation.

But there are orders from which detectives will certainly refuse, no matter how much money they were not offered. These orders, which are associated with crime. This can clearly harm the credibility and stability.
The detective agency run by experienced people, operatives and actors who are able to adapt to any situation and play any role quite like in the theater. They can quickly come up with any legend, but it did not cause any suspicion, if there is a need to get very important information. And to this end, detective agencies make a very rigorous selection of personnel. Naturally, such work is not cheap. But it does not demand becomes smaller. For example, to the detective worked for an hour, he would be paid not less than forty dollars. Of course, much depends on the orders themselves, the length of their implementation.

Like detectives working abroad

To open a detective agency, for example, in Britain, you must pass a special examination for aptitude, which will receive a special license. If the detective is a specialized association, such as the Association of British Investigators, it will be a guarantee that it has a very serious experience in this field and it can really be trusted. But to become a member of such an association can only under certain advice received from government agencies. Also, you need to have a law degree. In Germany, it is possible to work without special education, but we need to formalize their detective agency, the Office for registration of private enterprise. It is very important in this case that there was no record in the police register. In America, the same detective agency recorded special institutions of each state. But thirty-five states have laws that allow to engage in private investigation. The license for such activities are usually issued only for two years, after which it is imperative to recertify.

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