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Detective agency in the city of Koryukovka

More recently, residents of the city of Koryukovka, Chernihiv region, had to contact our detective agency office in the city of Chernigov directly. But today, a new branch has been opened in this village, where people can quickly get the support and help of some of the best detectives in Ukraine. However, we are also not limited to anything other than legislation. If you live on the other side of the planet, but you need help in this particular place, you can also call our agency. Moreover, today a lot of entrepreneurs, famous personalities, are trying to live away from megacities, so the demand for our services in such remote towns is growing more and more.

Despite the rather large list of the services we provide, and at the same time the great demand for help from private detectives, the most common service is checking for loyalty. At the same time, it is completely optional that one of the spouses, or even both, immediately really cheats on each other. It is just better to once again contact our detective agency in the city of Koryukovka, Chernihiv region, to identify spousal infidelity and understand that your other half is absolutely true to you than to continue living with an unloved person. Moreover, we can help you not only find out if your wife has a lover, but also find out about the true motives and intentions of the person and his tendency to cheat in the future, if you are now sure that the person is faithful to you. And here various tools can be used, ranging from a lie detector and ending with photo-video surveillance. But it is worth remembering that for polygraph testing it is necessary to obtain the consent of the person being checked.

Fighting Espionage

But to conduct a polygraph test of employees in your company, if you own your own business or run a company, you do not need to receive special consent. Moreover, this procedure is a must if you do not want to become a victim of espionage by your competitors or other intruders. But at the same time, you don’t need to take any actions of your own except to contact our detective agency in the city of Koryukovka, Chernihiv region. Our experts can conduct a polygraph test not only of the entire team that is currently working on you, but also periodically use this tool when interviewing new applicants. However, these are insufficient activities. No less important in this direction is the check of the premises for the identification of listening devices. Our employees have all the necessary equipment to search for bugs and timely detect wiretaps of mobile phones, if any.

Wanted people

The very phrase "search for people" causes quite unpleasant associations. And, in principle, quite a lot of appeals received by our detective agency are connected precisely with the search for relatives who are missing. But our work in this direction is not only to find those who suddenly disappeared. But you can also count on us if you want to find a person by their last name or phone number, simply because they lost someone's phone number.

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