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Many human thanks to the agency "Konrad" and especially Vlad for help in finding the dog. A beloved animal was fraudulently stolen and taken to an unknown destination. Despite the minimal information, I would even say scanty and not entirely truthful data about scammers, in a very short time it was established who stole, where this reptile lives and works, and most importantly, a beloved dog was found and returned to the family - safe and sound. I am very grateful to the company for efficiency, professionalism and indifference to the problem P.S. It is very unfortunate that they turned and paid another agency, which writes on its website "Our bureau is the best detective agency in Ukraine" as a result, wasted money and no information. P.S. Дуже прикро, що звернулися і заплатили ще в інше агентство, яке на своєму сайті пише "Наше бюро – це найкраще детективне агентство в Україні" у результаті даремно витрачені гроші та жодної інформації. http://forum.ua-vet.com/viewtopic.php?p=704896#p704896

Ryazanov Dmitry Andreevich

I want to express my deep gratitude to Conrad agency for the work done. He asked for help since it was necessary to find a person, the next day they sent me a photo of this person and yes it was him. All that I had was just the name and surname of the person. Worked quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much, contact them for help, these are professionals in their field. +380673182395, Vilkovo, Odessa region


Hello, Yuri, I want to thank your colleagues from Mariupol. Leave your review. I also sent the text of the review by e-mail. I turned to the Mariupol branch of the detective agency "Konrad" in order to return the thing stolen from me, as a result of apartment theft. They listened carefully to me and took to help. Within two days, the stolen was returned to me. I want to note the extremely polite and attentive attitude towards me of the employees of the Mariupol branch. They constantly informed me about the course of the operation, acted quickly, clearly, competently. I was convinced that decent people work in the agency, real professionals whom you can trust. e-mail: natareg@ukr.net


I want to express my deep gratitude to Yuri for the work done. For its efficiency and attention to customers. We were looking for my dad's army friend. The connection with which was lost many years ago. But, unfortunately, we were late. The man was not among the living. Therefore, do everything on time, and do not delay the search for dear people to YOUR heart for later! And we wish the Konrad team good health, prosperity, peace and grateful customers!

Анатолій, +380956304505

Order - to receive information from a person using a given legend made efficiently and quickly. Many thanks.


I want to express gratitude for the help, support and professionalism! Yesterday had been under surveillance for my boyfriend, watching a team of Sergei. The boys did everything exactly, precisely, were constantly in touch with me, all informed and send photos. In the end, I saw my boyfriend celebrating Valentine's Day with the other, while I am in another country! And besides, she is still in the apartment of his mistress behaved like! In general, I not only regret but remained grateful to the guys for a job! And for your understanding, honesty, professionalism and support! Because, you see, to see the pictures in real time the guy on the other .... psychologically very difficult! But Sergei supported and it really helped! Thanks a lot! I would recommend in difficult situations!

Alexey Konev (https://vk.com/id268714445)

I live in Russia, my debtor lives in Kiev, had to perform services for the business, has not fulfilled, and refused to return the debt. Ordered services from a detective agency Conrad, our question was appointed Andrew doubted discussed all nuances saw Andrew on TV and decided to believe the pre-contract is signed, the money was transferred explained the situation and told what to do, asked to record a video as it was, we need to to influence that person through internet..video Andrew has not provided us, but everything else was done as it should, in general, satisfied with the result, we returned to duty, the agency CONRAD scammers and do their thing.


I want to thank the agency for their difficult job, especially with Juri Kyiv. I needed to find someone that I knew only a mobile number telefona.Pered this I turned to other agencies that were taken during that search, but could not nayty.Za advice of friends turned into this agency and not pozhalkuvala.hocha had a lot of time to find a man because she lived as it turned out, even in a different rehioni.Ya very grateful to the agency in the future, if there are problems, I will only refer here.

Reviewed Private detective Sergey Nechayev (St. Petersburg)

I have received the order complex in Kiev. I turned to the detective agency "Conrad" to Yuri. With an order addressed May 5, today (13.05.2014) the order was executed. Everything is done on a different level, above all praise! And I will continue to refer to the Jury.


I want to thank the detectives Kiev Igor and Sergey for flawless execution tracing hiding fraud. A month ago, I pulled into fraudulently fraudulent scheme , whereby I suffered considerable financial losses . Myself cheater I could not find , the police also failed to find him , as he was hiding . All the raw data were not truthful . After my conversion to Igor and Sergei , the two professional as soon as possible to determine not only his contact details , but also residential address . In the presence of the data is not difficult now I return their money . For this I am very grateful detectives Kiev Igor and Sergei.

Grateful client
Thank coordinator Agency Yuri Vladimirovich , and Zaporizhia representation for the prompt and faithful execution of the work . Agency decides very quickly questions of any complexity. The problem has long tormented me was resolved amazingly fast. Humanly thank you very much!

Grateful client
Thank you very much for the work of Zaporozhye branch , you guys better not only detectives and professionals as well and just lovely people

I am grateful to the staff of your agency and in particular VA representative in Kiev , all very quickly and professionally.

Thanks to Sergey in Kharkov , he helped me in solving my problem . Acted quickly professionally. Just want to mention sensitivity and understanding. Were carried out a number of operational activities. Thanks guys .

Sergei Lugansk
Like all customers , appealed to the agency for not very pleasant occasion - wife lost her astray . Yuri and the team of detectives worked quickly and efficiently . My wife was "pleasantly " surprised accurate presentation of the facts. You guys are true professionals ! Success in your work !

Thank agency " Conrad " , Sergey worked with me ( I can be mistaken Lugansk) . Professional, clear and quality work . It was necessary to find a person with a minimum of initial information. Thank you again !

Grateful client
Hello I want to thank Detective Agency Conrad, and George, and Victor representative in the Transcarpathian region, help tracing my brother. We have not seen 30 years. Today, my brother and I have talked on the phone. For two days you create one that I could not in 30 years. Thank you very much, and a low bow.

The guys from Odessa worked well. I liked everything.

Grateful client
Hello! Yuri I want to thank you - you really helped me in my question. The situation is certainly difficult - but now I have the chance to change it for the better. With your help, I now know who this woman is. If I ever need to have your help - I'll know who to call. Reviewed on site do not want to leave, because the issue was delicate, but will definitely recommend you to friends.

Grateful client
Many thanks to Sergei and Yuri Vladimirovich, a representative of the city Chernihiv, for the sensitivity and understanding with which they came to my difficult situation. I was sure that my husband fell in love with another woman, even though he insisted that it's just a business relationship developed into friendship. But I still can not understand such a friendship, because of which it was necessary to lie to his wife. Sergey collected for me all the comprehensive information from various sources, from which I was able to finally offer an explanation for many events have occurred, much to analyze and understand. Characteristics of the woman I feared was given as accurately and vividly, I was surprised. After all, I intuitively felt that it was so. Her former colleagues speak in one voice about her dishonesty about her dirty methods to attract customers. Now I understand that initially my husband and just used his connections to achieve their own success and material prosperity. And the way was chosen the most that neither is female - flirt and charm. And he - Fool - pecked. It is because he is kind, gallant and sympathetic person. Sergey also confirmed this my thought. All around speak about my husband as a decent, responsible person, perhaps with a slightly playful and playful character, but nonetheless, very devoted to his family. Now everything is fine. We agreed no longer to lie to each other. The husband said that he was to blame me for his lies and does not understand how he could allow such a situation that almost led us to rupture. Lies explains that would keep me from evil thoughts about his frequent communication with this woman, because it's too regular (as I now understand it, on its own motion). He did not notice that appeared in a stupid situation and actually very scared of our capabilities gap. Now do everything possible to fix it and make amends. For the first time in a long time, and it is almost a year, I finally was able to relax a little. Now I know the methods of the enemy and find a way to deal with it. Thanks again to you and Sergey! Thank you for your professionalism and for having helped to get out of the impasse? Good luck in the work you and your staff!

She wanted to find her father. Very professionally and quickly helped me in this Sergei (Kharkov). Very happy with the result and the work was left of the man and the agency as a whole. Thank you very much!


Identification of adultery.
Grateful for the work of the Zaporozhye office. Were surprised to see that they can investigate not only in cities but also in villages. Informed throughout the day, and where that happens. At the end of the work was given a pretty detailed report and pictures. Thank you for having such a service.

Big thanks to human agency "Conrad" and especially the authorities for help in finding the dog. Fraudulently favorite animal was stolen and taken to an unknown destination. Despite the minimal information would have said even the meager and not very truthful information about scams in very little time was found who stole home and works this serpent, and most importantly has been found and returned to the family's favorite dog - a whole and unharmed. I am very grateful for the speed, professionalism and compassion for the problem.

P.S. It's a shame that appealed and paid back in another agency, which on its website says, "Our office - a better detective agency in Ukraine" ultimately wastes money and no information.


Thanks to Vlad. Helped found ottsa.Very quickly and culturally.

I had a pretty delicate situation, would not like her voice ... and needed service detective agency. Poimo all, at this point, I was out of the Ukraine and just did not know whom to entrust my problem. Having studied the market for detective services, I made sounded and stopped at the agency, "Conrad." Payment for services transfer to the account, detectives did not see in his eyes never once, as was abroad, and frankly, doubt that all do something. However, my fears were confirmed - the guys have really helped in my delicate issue, for which many thanks to Yuri! And very pleased that at the end of the work is asked to send a review, and asked - is there any comments on the artist? That is, People are worried about the quality of services provided. Keep it up!

Our company works with a detective agency "Conrad" for several years in the field of inspection personnel. With this objective can obtain information about employees and their actions. I recommend this agency to work with department staff as a reliable performer!

I had to use the services of the agency - the former wife suspected of infidelity. Suspicions confirmed, because my wife is now "former". But the agency RESPECT!

I own an established business in the construction industry, gained a good reputation and customer base. And so I began to notice that in recent large orders were just "float away" from the hands. That is, is miscalculation, agreed the details - all right, and the final step is the breakdown of order ... What and why - it is not clear! I decided to check for the issue of information leakage, and attracted to the work of the agency, "Conrad." As a result, it was quickly determined that we have leaked the information that has been liquidated and all fine now ...

Seek the services of a detective agency I had to because my husband has recently become nervous, irritable, and has a more conventional control my spending. Her husband - a successful businessman and our family in no way needed. But, my husband is very closed and secretive man, and I just had to say hanging over our marriage a threat. But what is its cause: the presence of a mistress or financial problems - I do not know. And I decided that whatever the information - I want her to know. Agreed about the service from the detective agency, "Conrad", which quickly found out why. It turns out that my husband had a brief affair with his secretary, who later ended her pregnancy. And now it is my husband's blackmail, threatening to tell everything to me and to destroy our family. It is true, of course, was distasteful to me, but I did not shoot from the hip. My husband and I went through in my life a lot and I did not want to ruin the happiness ranked together. I forgave him, we decided together to our problem - we have kept our family, and her husband financially helping her illegitimate child.

We were with my husband for 50, but suddenly one day he told me that she was leaving her for another woman. I let him go, but I wanted to know - who she is and where it came from? I do not believe that she has any feelings for my husband, because she's only a little over 30, and my husband looks at all 65 and has a lot of diseases. Detective Agency "Conrad" has collected for me the whole file on this person - on account of its set of gullible fleeced to the bone "oldies". Thanks to the agency - and now my husband does not ever look at the young!

The reason for the appeal to the detective agency was the disappearance of money from my e-card. Card was lost and has always been with me. I really do not want to suspect in the theft of his beloved, but the other suspects was not simple ... As detectives agency "Conrad" know the truth, I'm still amazed. Because, the truth is unbelievable: I was at an ATM to withdraw an amount of money for the needs of a friend, she needed money for surgery. My friend was near. So - on the ATM was installed a mini-camera, which recorded an operation to remove the money. It later turned out to be a friend. I now have one less friend ...

My situation is this - I began to notice strange behavior of my son - began to disappear his stuff. Although I am bringing up a son, he did not need anything - we help his father. So, I began asking myself questions - not drugs is it? I asked for help to the agency, "Conrad", to be honest for fear of just that. Thank detective agency - my problem was not so serious, though very unpleasant. Was found. That our son was playing in a casino with the money and he was already a duty. To cover the debts of the son and sell things. We, of course, paid all the debts of his son and had a talk with him. I hope he understood everything, and this will not happen again. And if not a detective agency, I would have long puzzled over the cause of ...

Week in a row on my landline phone was ringing a lady. She said, "Your husband is cheating on you," and threw up. I'm sick and I asked the agency to verify this information. It has not been confirmed - the husband of infidelity has not been noticed. Then the agency has a new task - to find out who is calling? It turned out that my husband is an employee who was in love with him and wanted to destroy our family. She did not succeed!

3 years ago I broke up with her boyfriend, who loved and still do. We broke out of stupidity. So I turned to the detective agency with a request to find that person and build us a chance meeting. Connection with it, I had no - he changed his place of residence, work and phone number. But he still found it! And we are already half a year together!

At 3 months after the death of my mother came to me and the old man said that he - my father. I am his father had never seen, and my mother told me that he had died. The same man said that I should assist him. I suspected something was wrong and asked the detective agency, "Conrad." As I assumed it was all a hoax, but a man - a fraud. Thanks to the agency!

Odintsov Family
My husband and I decided to install the observation of the behavior of the new nanny for our 2-year-old son, and ordered the service at the detective agency, "Conrad." We are very pleased with the work and the agency and our nanny! We made the right choice!

grateful client
Our company was a major theft. The company's management decided to check all employees lie detector. Employees were invited to a detective agency "Conrad." It all happened quickly and the perpetrators were immediately identified. Thanks to the agency - after all the employees of the company was not currently aware that any of the nearest environment of a mean man.

Grateful parents
My husband and I decided to inquire about our son's girlfriend. When her son brought her home and introduced us, we kind of sensed that something was wrong with - too some "scorched" she looked in his 20 years. It turned out that the girl - a model of retirement, which was expelled for bad behavior and intimate relationships with customers. Thanks to the agency, "Conrad," the son suffered, of course, but later realized that all the better.

My husband ran into the road to avtomoshennikov. They provoked the accident, and my husband began to demand payment of repairs to BMW. The amount of impressive. We have asked the "Konrad" for help in finding eyewitnesses. And there were those! My husband was acquitted in court, and for the guys at BMW prosecuted. Thank you so much detective agency "Conrad"!

grateful client
Thank you, "Conrad"! Finally, I stopped a nightmare! Anonymous for six months sent me threats through the mail. Detectives found the man. He was insane!

Review for their work in Turkey
Doubt - is dedicated. It so happened that I had to send his girlfriend to rest (with girlfriends) in warmer climes. But on the first day of a sense of ownership, self-doubt and not afraid of the word-of jealousy began to put pressure on the mind, it was really uncomfortable with the thought, as she, with whom she's not an open secret that many are doing on vacation ... Most importantly, the hated - she comes in her eyes will say everything is fine, but I'll never know the truth. A familiar feeling? Day on the second, third, began looking for an agency able to look after the girl, and thus found the Jury. Offers a lot, but that it bribed me and I began to correspond. Yes it is expensive, but there were doubts that it is possible to send threw the money and plunge(naturally without prepayment nobody works). Yuri reassured me and I sent a payment in advance. As soon as possible agency sent the performer to perform the assigned tasks. Most importantly, the Jury, understood the problem and always answered the questions, sometimes silly and ridiculous. As a result, I have a report with photographs, which is described in detail what the girl is on vacation, and obviously did not invented (the same as sms on her own.) Agency specialists have also made some conclusions about the man whom they looked for, which in turn is also very important for a person doubting. Information provided by the agency confirmed the integrity girl and dispelled all doubts. Thanks Conrad agency personally to Yuri and his team. Everything is done cleanly and delicately. money spent was not sorry I got so much more. Contact the Konrad-all real and honest.

grateful client
Many thanks to you and your team are very comprehensive information, you helped me a lot, I'll be happy to contact you even for help. Thank you, Happy New Year! Everything has got phoned. With your nice work!

grateful client
Thank you very much for your work - let your God cares

Hello! I got the result and pleased with the work of your employees. There will be something I will always work with you. Hopefully, if you will need information from Moldova and Romania, contact me. I'll be happy to assist you. Sincerely, a colleague

Thanks, your client is Victor S. C.
Frankly, going through two weeks, even regretted that he appealed And then the long-awaited result, which cost more than I paid I will refer again and recommend to all! Guys words, keep it up!

Dzien dobry. Jestem konsulem ta mieszkam w Zytomierzu dla ukladania polskij karty. Procz te obieram uczniuw na do polskich uniwersytetow. Piatego luty otrzymalem list z zagrozieniami! Zmartwil sie z tego i chcialem jechac do domu, ale potem myslil ze to byl zart, dotad poky nie otrzymal taki samy list. Wtad podj? L decyzj? o detektywie. Zadzwonil w KONRAD i otrzymal dopomoge! Dziekuje bardzo! Wy najlepszy!

Podolsky Family
Recently, our son began to behave very abnormally. Stopped smiling, became less talkative, and almost never visited by humans. We tried to find him any approach, thinking that everything, down to drugs or crime. Have time for themselves what to watch him we did not have, work and baby daughter. I had to resort to the detective agency Conrad! The situation was quite commonplace, the bad guys pestering our son and took away his food and money. Detectives have removed it all on video and gave us. With these incontrovertible evidence, we went to the police, and forced the offenders accountable for their actions. Son, we did not say anything because they knew that it would be very hurt if someone finds out about this situation. Some time later, Andrew (our son) again began to smile, chat with friends and us, was to enjoy life. We, of course, knew what the reason, but preferred to keep it all secret. Thank you Conrad!

From time to time invest in start-up companies. But after one has invested in the scam has decided to drop the case. But after half a year, once again decided to buy a few shares of a young company. But before it turned to the detective agency KONRAD, that they would have found out how this young company is honest. His instinct did not fail me, they were crooks. Yuri has helped me save money by investing in a second "nowhere." Now, before you invest any company I speak directly to Conrad, and get the necessary information. The result of the person - income steadily moving upward.

Sergei Petrovich
Long hesitant to speak to you, well, well doubted the result. But within three days after we met, when the first results, all doubts as to your professionalism disappeared. Just one week for the team Yuri Vladimirovich to bring clean water to my companions. Thank you so much for such efficiency.

grateful client
For a long time, I pursued the feeling that someone is watching me. In the car, office, even in the kitchen of my house. I thought that went to the roof, for fear that someone knows the secret information of my company. At one point I was going to find the right psychologist, and use its services, but instead, I do not know how I came to the site KONRAD detective agency. Acquainted with the list of services and decided to check the house and office for the presence of bugs. When officers arrived, and the agency began its work, I'm a bit desperate, as the thought that finally gone mad. But in the end it was discovered that my home office, my car is chock-full of listening devices! Thank you, Conrad, you have saved not only my secrets, but my mind from complete collapse!

If not, you still would have lived with her husband, not knowing about his infidelity. While learning the truth sometimes hurts, but to live in ignorance, too, does not bring anything good. Thank you for your efficient work. Though I'm certainly hoping for a different result. You have coped with this task as soon as possible. My husband (now former), of course, did not expect this. Thanks to you I gave him your videos and photos. See his face at that moment was the most enjoyable in this story. In general, the things he collected, and I continue to live on. What is being done, all the better!

grateful client
Interested in investing in one enterprise. It seems that reports have been provided without flaws, but something inside is not bugging me. Intuition, I guess. Learn about this business was nowhere. Turned to the detective agency employees Conrad. Learned. As it turned out I was right. I thank them for saving my saved.

Filippova Inna
Hello! I work free-Lancer for almost five years. As I took up a very large order. Had to earn about 2 thousand dollars. She worked for two and a half months, almost without leaving your computer. As a result, after the work done, I have not paid a penny. Friends advised me to go to you. Thanks to your agency found dishonerable customers and I not only got their money, but also made sure that justice exists. Thank you very much. Now all my friends and acquaintances refer specifically to advise you.

family Kuznetsov
Hello, Yuri! I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance, and limitless! We had stolen a family heirloom, by itself it is only of historical value, but the point is that this thing passed down from generation to generation for more than seven centuries! Before Easter to our apartment was broken into by thieves and took everything that was considered valuable: some vehicles, cash, jewelry and ... our family heirloom. We have asked the police, but we immediately said that the likelihood that criminals will be caught is very low. Most of all we went through because of an ancient statue, which is passed from parents to children for over 500 years old. In the end, we turned to the detective agency Conrad. We do not promise to find our family relic, said postarayutsya do everything in their power, but actually returned all the stolen our things, including our family values. It turned out that the thieves do not have time to get rid of the "production" and Conrad's detectives find them and return everything to the earrings. Thank you!

Sergei and Valentina
Once born, our beloved son, and it's been more than 5 years from the date of his birth, our family seemed to be cursed! We were very shocked when they returned from the hospital and saw that the front of our house the whole lawn in some strange satanic signs, blood poured! We were frightened, immediately call the police! Of course, the police arrived, determined that it is an act of vandalism and so on and so forth. A week later, we've forgotten about this terrible incident. But all continued a terrible way! Going to work that morning, I saw a dead bird on our doorstep. The birds were mutilated horribly. Again, call the police again, an act for vandalism and nothing more. That's when we began to fear that it just does not end. Weeks was on duty at night on the veranda, in the hope that grab the offender, but all in vain. When our baby was sick and we had to go to a clinic that would see a doctor, I want to note that prior to the clinic 10 minutes away. As it turned out that we are all well, and we are worried in vain. My wife and I calmed down and went home, took less than an hour after our departure. And what we see! On the door of a pentagram burned, around the garden, lying dead rats and birds! Here and there signs of blood drawn. We did not know what to do, go to the police, all in vain, appealed to the press, but they have given our history, a little piece of that nobody was interested. They asked for help from friends. Of course, friends with me for months on duty, that would be the bastard will not come to my house. But it was enough distraction for 15 minutes and immediately appeared prints of its affairs. It was incredible, we decided to sell the house, move away. But even there we did not get any peace. We knew that our baby begins to grow, and if these events affect our psyche, our son, just go mad. We contacted the police, the other detectives, but everywhere we do not believe, and believed that we ourselves blow up these situations. Eventually, we stumbled upon the agency Conrad. For us it was good fortune that they at least agreed to cooperate with us, and when we got the result we were just beside myself with joy! Detectives have given us pictures of a man who all of those involved. It was my wife's ex-boyfriend, with whom she broke up because she considered him crazy. And so it turned out, now this poddonok permanently stuck in the crazy hospital. Thank you!

Helena Petrovna
Once again convinced that you should always contact the professionals of the business. Tried myself and with friends to see what the my son after school and why it is so late coming home, but he Time escaped me. Now, thanks to employees of the agency, I finally realized that he just left me a gift for tinkering upcoming birthday ... And I was so worried! Thank you!

My husband stopped sleeping at home. Initially, I believed that he was on the other side of town with friends, drinking beer and talking. Passed in March, April, May Day celebrations have begun. A meeting continued with stubborn persistence. I suspect betrayal. A friend gave the address - and I'm in the agency. I was greeted warmly as a good friend, and listened to my story with genuine participation. We agreed to give a deposit and the case went. Within a week I definitely knew that he really found on the other side of town, but not with friends, with my girlfriend. I even learned her name and place of work (thanks to the detective). Such efficiency in work, professionalism detective agency I was surprised. Even living seemed easier. Not cheap, but worth it. Now I know for sure if there is need to turn to. His closest I will advise detective agency CONRAD.

Irina and Yuri
We left for the weekend at the cottage. When we returned, we noticed with horror that our daughter is not home. The girl is not a small, 18 but not yet old enough to live separately. We have a whole day trying to get through to her, called her friends and friends. All to no avail. At night we went to the police. More results for two whole days just was not there! We had time to decide to what you want! Friends advised us to contact the detective agency. We began to look for, how best to choose a company and opted for a detective agency CONRAD. And we are glad that we have done such a choice! After 3 days, our Julia was found. It turns out that she decided to take a walk with his friends out of town, where they got drunk and decided to continue the fun in the neighboring town, where they spent all the money and the influence of alcohol fell asleep in the basement. When we woke up, no telephones, no valuables in any way when they were not. Thanks Conrad agency that is doing everything possible for their customers!

Finally reached all the vertices that are currently appointed for life, great job, great family, great house and down the list. Decided, in its 40 years I'm just lucky if I have it all. I remember that I owe my first high school friends and teachers who have always helped to move forward, in spite of everything, creating competition and not allowed to relax and have learned to adhere to discipline. I decided that after so many years it's time to get together for the reunion because of the whole class, I kept in touch only with two friends. I understand that by themselves, as if we did not try, we fail. Immediately turned to the detective agency CONRAD. Even after a month I have had contact all classmates! Your agency has made a truly incredible job! They found people scattered all over the world, from Belarus, and ending with Japan and the U.S.. Thank you!

Recently accumulated funds to buy the car of your dreams. Collecting money to buy almost all my life. Fortunately there was no limit, but this happiness lasted not long. After half a year the car was stolen, the insurance company is constantly fooling, police found the car could not. During the month of searching time turn gray ... By pure chance stumbled upon your site. Just call, not really believing in the result. And I was glad when it is not expected but after a few weeks, I pointed out where my favorite car in complete safety and without any damage. Involve law enforcement, and returned to my property. Thank you very much, if I knew how you work, would appeal directly to you! Thanks again and sorry for the lack of confidence!

Berezhnoi Fyodor
Berezhnoi Fedor The newly opened business in nizkokonkurentnoy area, and to be more precise, in a completely new field? The project is promising enough, but kept strictly confidential. At work, invited only the most trusted people in the circle of friends. Plans and schemes of action discussed in my house, while our office was being renovated. When the office was ready, we moved, but decided to make sure no one overheard us because of the fact that we are preparing something big, could already hear. Asked the detective agency CONRAD, and they were right - during the repair of office stuffed bugs. Mostly clean and we were able to work in a calm atmosphere. Now turn to the Jury periodically. As promised in gratitude, keep the tip.

Sergey V.
Recently had to seek the assistance of Yuri, due to problems with staff. As I expected, accounting officers robbed on a certain amount of money. Thanks to the staff for the timely assistance Conrad and identification of truth with polygraph. It is a pity that on the basis of the polygraph can not submit them to court. Escaped dismissal and "good" recommendation!

On your agency have told me my friends who have used your services. I do not know what I would have done without you! I have long dreamed of buying a car, found the Internet model, which I liked, drew, of course, the price was worth it suspiciously cheap. A friend advised me to check whether the machine is not in the hijacking. And I did not even guess what you can do it. It is through your agency, I learned that the car is actually in the hijacking. Thus, protected me from the loss, though not large, but still a decent amount of money. Thank you very much!

Summer vacation on the sea, where he met with Vika. It was not easy holiday romance, it was true feelings! We made plans for the future, planning a wedding, children, family .... But suddenly I had to leave because the work was a huge problem. On the road, someone stole my phone, the only way to communicate with my favorite. After that I tried in vain to find it online, and even went to her city, but the search was in vain. Then I decided to use the services of a detective agency. CONRAD I advised a friend, who happily agreed to a sensitive issue because of you. And in my situation, you did not disappoint! Thank you, you will find Vic for some two days. Now, when I explained to her the whole situation, the trust back ... we're getting married, thank you very much! As promised, invite to the wedding.

I like very much and love to be the most wonderful girl in the world! We meet for almost a year, for a time lived together. Many common interests, and planning to get married ... But at one point in my heart crept distrust. I became jealous of each phone call, to every minute, when it is not with me. Suspected her at all in what you can imagine. I knew that I loved her and to believe, but it does not work to do. I just went crazy, started to have nightmares and mind fell to nothing. Constantly provoking scandals, insulted, and they made their suspicions. In the end, as expected, the wedding waive, relations have deteriorated ... I thought I'd melt and forget, but could not do it, looking for ways to solve problems in your head. Inside myself, I believed that my favorite ever I had not changed, but some part of my subconscious talking to the contrary. It came even to the point that I tried to commit suicide, which, fortunately, I could not do that. One day, I'm all broken and depressed, looking for anything that could help me, came across a site KONRAD detective agency. I immediately called, and not even counting on the fact that I can help, describe your problem. How was I surprised when they told me that they are ready to help in the near future. I gave the detectives the information and simply waited. Yes, the wait was not easy, especially not easy to behave as usual, continue to meet with his beloved, to try to behave as usual, blaming her for something and at the same time hide the fact that I sought the aid of specialists. It's been so long and I got 100% proof that my jealousy, my suspicions, and all is in this spirit - it's just a fantasy! I proved it with facts, hard facts. Soon after getting married, and all the fears and suspicions are gone! Thank you, "CONRAD!"

Before I turn to you, spent a lot of time on the Internet. I read a lot of feedback and suggestions, but still chose your company. In life there is, there are two different things, and so, it seemed to me that our good fortune with my girlfriend jealous of someone, and attempts to separate us. I turned to you, really small things, but your experts have found that trying to embroil us. Thank you very much, more to the soul of the companies.

Thanks agency CONRAD! He worked with the designer through the Internet. Sent him a work plan, which he immediately accepted and agreed to work on that. He said that he wanted the whole project for about a month, but he is not ready to start work without prepayment. Not experienced before with online scams, I have no hesitation sent him an advance payment of $ 15,000 hryvnia. Ultimately, the designer disappeared with my money. Where there is no appeal, I thought that money is lost forever. But I was lucky to get to the site of a detective agency CONRAD. In just two weeks detectives were able to find this rogue and I was able to sue him in court. The money is not returned, but was a lesson, and very grateful to the staff agency for quality work, to gather evidence and search for fraud. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your help! At some point, I had fear that my son is a wrong way of life. I seriously worried about those around him and what he does, since suddenly began to go at night, as he told me the club to work. The son claimed that the works, but I always seemed to he just got into bad company and does not really work, and just killing time and health for nothing. Most of all I feared that He takes drugs. Thanks to you I am now at peace! As it turned out son, although he worked in the field which was not convenient to tell us, to make a holiday. I am very grateful to you!

Thank you very much for your agency. Thanks to your agency, my family is not only not broken, but it became even more friendly. My wife is constantly jealous of me for one of the employees at work. She called me every half hour, and made inquiries and interrogations, as a consequence of this - I could not work normally. Was constant verification of personal belongings, subtraction SMS app, constant quarrels and quibbles. It came to divorce. Friends advised me to contact you. Now reigns in our family peace of mind and absolute confidence. Thank you very much from our whole family!

family Rachitskih
Son of the school were asked to make a family tree. We certainly remember grandparents and several great-grandmothers, and then what we just did not know. Somehow, the idea caught fire to know who were our ancestors, of the kind we are all descended. Spent money on all sorts of crooks and charlatans, and not knowing the truth. In the end, come to your agency, it was nice to start co-operation from the beginning. A pleasant business talk. Knowing your business. All of this suggests to you. And when you're 10 days later, gave us our family tree for the next 400 years, we were shocked! We learned that our ancestors were Poles, that they owned much land. We understand that to prove anything legally we can not, but that's the joy of what we now know who we are - this is a very expensive gift. Thank you!

grateful client
I have a very delicate business, and therefore need specialists who fit specific requirements. Thanks Conrad agency that helps me in the recruitment. Your qualifications in the knowledge of people, plus your hardware, including a polygraph, to help select only the most reliable and helpful people. My business is thriving, and all this without your participation. Thank you!

It's been five years married. And now for some reason I thought that her husband no longer loves me and just waiting for the case to find another. Addressed in your agency that would find out. Your job is to try to provoke my husband to commit adultery was just incredible, but he always kept me strong loyalty. Although a little stumble, but I think it's overdone it a chur girl. Thank you for having saved our family happiness and prosperity. Now I can live in peace!

Victor P.
I am a businessman, this year it took me for business investment. I did not know where to turn. The Internet has found a company interested in, wrote them asking for me to find investments for a large sum. In a letter to me came the answer: "Please get started fill out the form with your data." Filled and sent. Comes the answer, "Our experts see an opportunity to get to you in that amount of investment in one of their European banks class AA. To start a query investment bank is required to provide information about your company, your investment objective of obtaining, maintaining, and maturity. Our specialist will begin negotiating with the bank for a loan, you have to pay for the service by keeping us in your documentation for a loan in a European bank in the amount of 5000 euros. " I did not Muscovite, and phone calls to the manager, he called me and agreed. Began to suspect something was wrong, and yet it is associated with a large sum. I did not know where to turn. Thank you detective agency that managed to expose these crooks and their afernuyu firm.

Gorodetsky family
I and our whole family is very grateful to you not only for the fact that my brother rescued from undeserved punishment, but also to preserve the reputation of our family. In late March, my brother was arrested on suspicion of robbing a neighbor. In fact, he did not. Yes, my brother does not have high moral character, but to rob ... At the same time confirm his alibi, he could not (sleep after a stormy night carried out). I hope everyone knows how to work our law enforcement agencies, they made a brother of the prime suspect, and all went to the fact that innocent people could end up in prison. But your staff have helped prove the innocence of his brother and actually found the culprit. Thank you!

I'm not a bit sorry that I turned into your agency, because now my life has turned for the better! I have long been noticed that my husband cheat on me, and was ready to part with it, but I held back our marriage contract, because for me the court lacked evidence of his treason! Thanks to Conrad agency all necessary evidence has been found in the shortest possible time, the court was successful, and now I am a free man, so even with a large monetary compensation! Thank you Conrad and agency separately Yuri Vladimirovich for your support during these difficult times for me!

Spouses Консолевы

My husband and I are very concerned about our only son. The last time he began to stay after school, on all the questions of how ,where he was the response we have received and very забеспокоились.В a result of gone to such measures -asked the officers of the detective agency "Conrad" to watch son in the course of a few days. It turned out that my son had the first love, and he was embarrassed to talk with us on such a personal subject. Now we have everything in order. Well, that all ended well!

Zhanna Sergeevna

I am very glad, that turned exactly to your detective agency "Conrad" . You are the first ,who helped me ,other agencies only did the visibility of the work and because of them I only lost a lot of money.!!! Thank you for your honesty!

Family Осиенко

Yuri, I sincerely thank you for the qualified help of our family. Thanks to you , we returned to her daughter ,who disappeared without a trace.We were looking for it for many years. And finally she was with us again!

Grateful client

Yuri, you have excellent staff. They helped me a lot! When I started receiving letters with threats on e-mail ,I was very afraid for the lives of my family! But I calmed down , defining who and where sent me the letters. It turned out that the young people from a neighboring yard just amused. I just wasted nervous. Thanks again!


Yuri Vladimirovich, thank you for the help. The second time gave me not swallow the bait for the swindlers in the internet. If it weren't for you , I could be losing a large sum of money ,transfer money to "fake "the details in the internet. You helped me to check the validity of these firms and save their


One day I met a girl and even wanted to marry her. A couple of months later she told me a sob story about her serious disease and said that she urgently need a large sum of money for treatment.I'm in debt climbed ,but the amount accumulated. The next morning, "wife of" disappeared. I was ashamed to turn to police and I turned to Yuri Vladimirovich. He helped me and girl find and return the money. Thank you very much!

Arkady Pavlovich

I had been tortured by doubts about the honesty of my subordinates, but still couldn't find the right way to make sure of that. Thanks to the staff of your agency for telling and helped to check on a polygraph. Now sleep in peace.


I have long suspected that I overheard . After checking my office on a bug, the bug is really found in your mobile phone. If I had not turned to Yuri Vladimirovich, it is not clear how many could produce confidential information of our company. Thanks for security.

Grateful client

A few months ago someone stole my bag with my wallet, documents, and telephones. I completely lost hope to return stolen, but friends have advised to address to the Konrad Yuri. His staff found a witness of the incident ,amounted to sketch of a thief. Found the offender in the course of 3 days and I all returned. Yuri Vladimirovich, for the second time convinced that in your team are real professionals!

Grateful client

Want to invest a large sum of money in one company. But did not know how to get full and reliable information about the organization. Decided to turn in your agency. And he was not mistaken. All the information is very true. Now I make good money and all the friends I advise you to your detectives. Thank you very much!!!

Grateful client

2 years ago, met a girl at the resort. After the sea parted, but I could not forget her. Searched in vain for its own forces and all to no avail. Then he turned to Conrad. She quickly sought out, it turned out that she now also lives in Odessa, as I do. A month later we married. THANK YOU!


I have 5 years working in a large company in Kiev and very much value my job. But once the signature was forged on documents on my behalf, I would never have done. Thanks to your expert on handwriting me back my good name and prove my innocence to this "black business".


Employees in the agency - supper! Very polite and patient. I have to This appealed to other agencies, but after a few minutes communication, the desire to cooperate with them was lost, and you do things differently. Thank you

Grateful client

Thank you for my found the phone. There were a lot of important information that, if you didn't help me with searching for ,all the data, I would hardly be ever restored! Thank You.


I am very distrustful man, therefore, a sin to suspect his his wife of infidelity. But with the help of Yiriy Vladimirovich and his assistants, I luckily did not justify their suspicions, and now completely trust my wife. Very nice to know that there are people who can help sort out their problems and doubts. Thank you so much! Now my wife and I began to live a new life where there is no place doubts and suspicions


I have long suspected that my wife, someone appeared on the side, but I could not understand who is this mysterious lover. I contacted the agency Conrad, they checked the surveillance of my wife. Thanks for your help and that opened my eyes to the truth.I never would have thought that this could be my best friend. Now I have no wife, no friend. And who are friends are needed!

Grateful client

A huge thank you to your agency! Never thought that having the minimum information about a person, you can find its location. Thanks to you, I found my best friend, and a link to where I lost many years ago.

Grateful client

Great big thank you for the help in search of a stolen phone. I used to be and could not think, that it is possible to do so quickly and qualitatively!


Hello! I was 20 years had not seen my girlfriend, who after graduating from high school went to Belarus ,got married and stayed to live All her contacts were lost, and I even did not expect to ever see it. But thanks to your agency to my life back very dear person to me !Don't know how you are so quickly helped me ,but thank you for the fulfillment of my longstanding dream!!!


We have in the office of the theft occurred. Suspected all and each. The head of the offered to pass check on a polygraph. Many did not agree, but I went through the detector, the lie . Now I know that in the eyes of my guide, I'm a decent fellow. Thank you for your help.

Family Andreevs.

Thank you Yuri and employees of your agency that helped find the missing dog. In the police just laughed at us. We turned to you and now "a member of our family" back home! I wish you happiness and good luck!!


I want to say thank you and express my gratitude for the fact that in time clarify the situation and freed from investing in the notoriously unprofitable enterprise. Thank you very much !!!!!!! Good luck!


Thank you Yuri for promptly giving me the photograph of a woman with whom my husband is wrong. Now I know who my opponent was and who my claims.

Igor Stetsyuk.

I shoveled the entire 'Net, read all the services of detective agencies, where he could call back and, alas, was disappointed. That time I was not satisfied, then generally unrealistic prices. But only in your agency I went to the meeting and helped to solve my problem. Thank you for your understanding and assistance. That interests me the information and phone numbers that helped me to get completely satisfactory to me.

Lilia Oleksandrovna

Thank you very much for the information! Honestly did not expect that you all have done so quickly!? And if you honestly do not hope. So many sites with similar services, and what is not clear where to wait. Certainly very interesting how you managed it so quickly, but we understand - trade secret, privacy, and so on ... So, thanks to you, we have already contacted by phone and received information of interest to us.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your alibi drawn for me was perfect! All, all, all believed, and even drops of doubt it has caused! Thank you, kiss you, Yuri!

Alexei V.

When you are very busy and there's no possibility to entrust their relatives or friends perform a confidential order, be sure to ask for help from others, which will help you in any situation. In such a situation, and I was. When I asked the agency to Yuri Vladimirovich, then no extra explanation, I was given emergency assistance in a difficult situation. After the assignment, I am now convinced that secrecy will be respected, if I shall continue to apply for such assistance to Yuri Vladimirovich. Thank you for your professionalism.


The guys helped me find a girl that I lost on such a modest data that are in truth nothing is impossible! This is not advertising - and the usual words of gratitude.

Lydia Oreshnikova.

Thank you for helping me to collect the data that I would itself was unable to find. When he get lost in the mass of different information, it is hard to draw correct conclusions. Now, thanks to the professional analysts of your agency, I am fully informed about what I needed company. Always ask for help from professionals. Thank you.

Svetlana and Yuri.

Once in our apartment was installed video surveillance, we are finally able to find the thief who stole the money on the sly in our absence, and furthermore, found the answer to the question why our child does not want to stay with the babysitter when we go to work. Thank you Yuri for your help.

Igor Peshkov

So ended my long search, with the help of your agency, I finally found a man who was searching for a long time. Many thanks to all the staff of your agency, and a personal thank you, Yuri. Without your help I would not be easy, although the positive results I have achieved would not care. Thanks again to you and all the great people who participated in the search.

Alexander Petrovich

URAAAA! Helped me to find a girl who I met at a party in the city center and accidentally lost it in the crowd. These were some of her modest, I thought if I see her more than ever. But you helped me! Found it a few days later, after I asked for help, thank you Yuri!


I want to say thank you and express my gratitude for the fact that in time clarify the situation and saved me from doubt in my husband's infidelity. I have long doubted that you would help me, but thanks to you, Yuri, I can now fully trust her husband not to worry about his frequent absences from home. Now I am calm. Thank you.


Spasibo, Yuriy, it works! Thank you again.

Nikolai Stepanovich.

I want to express my gratitude to Yuri in the relief, in such a delicate matter as the establishment of paternity. After my treatment agency, was made possible examination to establish paternity by DNA examination. Dates set by the court were extremely small, allotted only 3 weeks. With the help of Yuri, I managed to make the examination within 14 calendar days and prove his paternity legally. Now I officially have a daughter. Thank you, success in business.

OOO ...

Before signing the contract profitable for the merger of two companies, we decided to check whether our future business partners to those who seem to us, therefore we refer to the agency "Conrad." At our request, had been investigated and found out the complete details of interest to us, set of official and unofficial information regarding past, present, and future plans. After the information provided to us, the contract was successfully signed on and now we are actively cooperating with proven expertise detective agency officials. Thank you for your help, Yuri.


Many thanks to Yuri, who helped me to find my classmate. After all, the fate of us scattered around the world and now living far from the ocean, I was impressed by his responsiveness to find someone about whom his student years, I have been very little data. All recommend itself will certainly make use if necessary.


Yuri! I want to express my gratitude for your agency check my car for "bugs". Thank you for having found it in time, otherwise my car would have been-hijacked and sold, but it costs dearly. Good luck.


I want to express my gratitude to Yuri, who helped me to establish that the apartment, I decided to buy was "not sell." Vendors, it seemed to me in good faith, were simply frauds. In the apartment were prescribed 2-e minor children who are in official documents for the sale of flats inscribed nebyli! How many headaches I'd get by buying that apartment, even to hard. Once again, thank you.


Dear Yuriy, thank you very much for your investigation, it makes me to feel better and that open my eyes...


I met on the Internet with one guy. We liked each other and had long conversation on the internet. Unfortunately it was difficult to meet because we live in different cities. But somehow he disappeared for a long time did not go to the link. Since the addresses I did not know him, I have long tried to find it in inete itself, but alas, my attempts were unsuccessful. But I was advised to contact the agency "Conrad" to Yuri Vladimirovich. Thanks to him, I not only found what computer was outgoing information, but also to find the guy who I lost on the Internet. Now we are together. Thank you very much,

Oxana Aleksandrovna, Oleg Ivanovich.

After the accident, which happened through the fault of the driver's car "Audi", my husband and I stayed at "the broken trough". Unfortunately, our car was not insured and damaged cars were on such a sum, which my husband and I collected the money, and many long months. We appealed to the agency with a request to find the culprit of the accident and witnesses, who could see what happened and to reaffirm our statement in the police. A week later, after we turned to Yuri Vladimirovich, agency specialists were found witnesses to the incident and their testimony was found guilty. Thank you for helping us in this difficult situation and did not give the offender to avoid responsibility.


Yuri, thank you very much for the information! Honestly did not expect that you all have done so quickly!? And if you honestly do not hope. So many sites with similar services, and what is not clear where to wait. Moreover, as we understand, and you are looking for people, but on other sites only offer to place information on the "bulletin board" (or is it just we are caught ...?). Certainly very interesting how you managed it so quickly, but we understand - trade secret, privacy, and so on ... So, thanks to you, we have already contacted by phone and received information of interest to us. Thank you very much !!!!!!! Good luck!


Thank you Yuri for operational assistance in tracing my friend, whom I lost after demobilization from the army. My friend I saw last time in 1989. He found as much overseas. Thanks again, good luck to you.


From recent times, I began to notice that my work telephone did not work as usual. Time passed crackling included strange sounds as if was a record. Then I turned to the detective agency to Yuri Vladimirovich to help clarify this strange situation. Imagine my surprise when the agency specialists have been found recording equipment and in addition to my office was conducted video surveillance. Thanks specialists agency Conrad, that helped me clarify the situation.


Yuri! I want to say thank You and express my gratitude for the fact that in time clarify the situation and freed from investing in the notoriously unprofitable enterprise.


I began to suspect that my 15-year-old son got in touch with bad company. He began coming home late, drinking, smoking and not pay attention to my questions about his lifestyle. Talking with him was impossible. Then I turned to the detective agency "Conrad" to verify the life of my son. How I entered that time appealed to this request, otherwise it could end in tears. Fortunately everything turned out, managed to return his son in the family and turn him from evil influence. Thank you Yuri for your help!

Sergey Alexandrovich

Jura! Thank you for your data recovery specialists accidentally lost from the hard drive of my laptop, not even chayal to restore it back.


Thank you very much! At a minimum the data you have extracted all the information required. It's a miracle! Council for all: if it is difficult to contact the professionals. I hope you place my comment on his page. This is a pure heart:). Thank you, and all the data come together.


I turned to the agency, almost lost hope in the search of his car. The car was stolen and there was almost no hope of it back. After the application has passed several months. When I was sure that the car will not be found, on the advice of his friends turned to your detective agency. Imagine my surprise when, in the shortest time my car was found at the other end of the country! Thanks Yuri Vladimirovich for such speed and professionalism!


Thanks to Yuri, he helped me find a girlfriend, a link to where I lost many years ago. Do not expect the person whom I have long tried unsuccessfully to locate and found it so quickly. Thank you.

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