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The scandal with the assistant prosecutor in social networks. Comment Yes "Conrad" about online security.

One of the victims of the madness that is going on in social networks became twenty-four-year-Over- Julia, who worked at that time, the press secretary of the prosecutor of the city of Sumy. And it worked only one week in the office, but in that short period of time become famous not only in Sumy, but also on the whole territory of Ukraine, because its erotic picture appeared in the social network "VKontakte". In this picture she is shown in a rather short dress, leaning on the hood of a powerful SUV.

In connection with the theme: How have Facebook, but not in this case have any problems with themIn social networks has been dramatically raised a lot of noise about it. All hinted that Julia has come a long way to bed, before you hit the procurator. Naturally, the girl was simply forced to leave. And now it is ready to accept with joy at the same place of work, at the local headquarters of the Party of Regions, where she worked until her sudden fame. "In fact we did not want it just let go, because today is very difficult to meet normal people. And if she decides to come back, it will gladly accept it, "- he responded to our questions Victoria Miroshnichenko, who was once the boss of Julia, who worked in the press service of the Party of Regions. But while Julia still has not lost hope that can become civil servants, despite such small scandals in their professional activities. She spoke in great detail all the "news" about what happened and how exactly this photo, which is already four years old, appeared in the social network, making it famous all over the country, as well as my mother decided to comfort her daughter pies.- Julia, tell us when and by whom it was made this photo?- It was the summer of two thousand ninth year, when I was a student of third year. We just walked around the city, and then I saw a very beautiful foreign car. I asked her common law husband, with whom we are living together, take a picture of me on the background of the machine. Well, who in his youth did not try to imitate the photos posted on the covers of glossy magazines? And whose car it was, I have no idea.

-And How this picture turned out to be on the Internet?

- The social network photo I posted myself back in the year two thousand and nine, but in January the twelfth year she stood on my front page. But after that her place was and many other variety of shots. And to be honest, I still can not understand how there is a link between the fact that I worked in the procurator and that was photographed in two thousand ninth year? If is immoral and very beautiful legs tightened, I am sure that there is simply no limit of human envy. And we discuss some of the people, then is not it better to do your own treatment unhealthy imagination, and at the same time to join the gym.

- And how did you get the prosecutor's office, and how to start this whole scandal?

- At work I got through the Internet. Just looking for a job, exploring the sites of state institutions, as well as the site of the prosecutor's office. It was there and saw that there is a vacancy spokesman for the Prosecutor of the city of Sumy. But already a little later someone from well-wishers threw site Sumy newspaper link under simple and ordinary news "of Sumy The prosecutor appeared spokesman." The link led to my page. But the fact that two months before I started working there, the page was completely different. In the main picture for their profile, I stood in glasses next to the map of Sumy region. I'm just a hundred percent sure that this is no accident, and someone special it all done. It is possible that this situation has arranged a man who very much wanted to get my job. One of the first who took part in it, was a social activist named Alexey Zakharchenko. He posted on his page on facebook my photo. And it said the following words: "Looking at the pictures in her profile VC understand it - a real PROFESSIONALKA :)" I was shocked his sentence. I'm a human being. Naturally, I was very sad because of the fact that complete strangers insult me.

-And You remember exactly what was your first reaction?

- I immediately called my husband, who began to soothe me. Then he immediately went to his boss and start to explain, calmly telling situation. At work, all treated with understanding, no one to discuss my photo and create a buzz around it.

- Why do you still have left?

- The fact is that gradually the situation to escalate. Photo was almost all Ukrainian news site. I am well aware that my new "friends" and well-wishers will not leave me alone and go at all. Therefore, I decided to step aside. But this does not mean that I stepped back. When I wrote a letter of resignation, I have, of course, were very different mixed feelings. On the one hand I felt a serious relief that all will soon be over. On the other hand I was tormented by the fact that in reality there are no real reasons for the dismissal. It seemed to me that I was in a nightmare.

- And how you support your family?

- Mom wanted to please me, as I could. She baked pies different. Dad tried to give wise counsel, and his sister would not let me stay at home, we always went for a walk, were KVN, in cafes and other different places, my husband pleased candy, brought breakfast in bed, joking, cheering as he could.

- How difficult or quite difficult for you now live in his hometown after a loud was your dismissal?

- I would not say that my life has really changed much. Sometimes I catch myself on a very different gazes of passers-by. Sometimes someone has to say, somewhere I saw that my face looks very familiar. But I try to enjoy life, I write poems and embroider, cook a variety of goodies my husband and myself, I spend time with my friends and play sports. And I even thought there was to move to another city. After all, I did not do anything wrong. Therefore, I do not see any sense.

- How is the process of finding your new job?

- I have already offered to work in the PR-agency for the positions correspondent in one news agency, and even in the internet edition. But I still decided for myself that it is not ready for such work. I want to be a public servant. There is a certain stability and confidence in the future.

In spite of the scandal that occurred in the procurator, Julia eagerly await her previous work, the press service of the Party of Regions.

Updates can not be burnedThe fact that the posts submitted on the Internet remain there forever. And if today you have posted the photo, which depicts how you dance on the table, and still can be, and drink from the bottle of champagne, now your friends can put the Huskies and post the best comments. But tomorrow, if you decide to take a serious position, all of which can also be easily and simply turn into dirt. Say the word that in the United States and Britain about twenty percent of all divorced families because of social networking. For example, one not layknul, not with other friends.

Read tips from Julia

- All your photos is best to act the same way as it did when our grandparents. Take pictures, make a printout and put it in an album. See them only with their friends and family. Do not try to spread the photos on the social network, that then it was not used against you in the mercenary purposes.- The time that you spend on the social network during the day, multiply by three hundred sixty five. Count how many times your life you are simply having wasted.- Do not give in to provocations. In this way you will become like those who write all the small stuff on the social network. It is best to call mom or girlfriend, goes to her father or husband. They will support you and will accept such what you are.- Remember that your family - this is the most close and native people who can support you in difficult times, no matter what mistakes you may have made.- Virtual life will never be able to replace this. We're all now just in reality, and the rest - it's not true.- Detective - it's just "handsome."

Networks today are a very important tool in the work of private investigators. They are a great help in the search for missing persons, as well as provide an opportunity to gather information. "The employees of our detective agency are registered in social networks under the guise of a wide variety of people, tens of acanthus. It may be just beautiful girls and boys, and adults can be with aunt uncles. Sometimes it is enough just a few hours to get the information you need without spending valuable time on surveillance, "- tells us Yuri Conrad, who is the head of the detective agency" Conrad ". He remembers one occasion when it was correspondence in the social network has helped them to trap a man who was at that time in the search. "We showed so orderly that he thought that he takes the initiative to invite to dinner. He thus "lit up" - Yuriy bring up. According to detectives, it is thanks to social networking can be considered a person with absolutely any computer passwords. "There are special sites trap, from which comes a reference to an account on a social network. And if you yourself will pass through it, your ip address will be recorded. You can just go directly to the provider, who will help flesh out certain information about a particular user, "- gives his explanation of an experienced investigator.

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Author: Irina Guk