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Identification of infidelity

(detectives in all regions of Ukraine)

Do you have any fears that the second half of you is wrong? Or just glozhet incomprehensible premonition? Or just want to make sure everything is in order?
So, you need to contact our agency. We will perform all activities to establish the presence (or absence) of adultery. We have the latest technical developments to enable us to establish surveillance over the object in such a way that it did not arise any suspicion.

If you want to know everything about the way your life / second wife / ha, we have those who you want. The whole complex of our activities, the principal and most reliable of which is followed, with absolute certainty will help determine the presence or absence of adultery.

Transmission at the radio station "Nashe radio", theme "adultery" call the agency "Conrad"

Identification of infidelity

TRK "Kyiv" program "Special Forces" of the Detective Agency "Conrad"