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Vinnytsia region

Private detective in the Vinnytsia region

Private detective in the Vinnytsia region

Many investigations can not trust the police, but you can instruct the detective agency in Vinnitsa region. Our agency is investigating a variety of things that, for whatever reason, can not be disclosed to law enforcement agencies. If you want to know the truth, to understand a complicated situation in which there is no way to be sure who is friend and who is foe, contact us!

Identification of betrayals husband or wife - a very common reason for turning to us. Doubts that cover a person does not give him easy to live - he can not say for sure whether there was adultery, and therefore becomes detective agency for help. If a lover or a mistress - just a figment of the imagination, the surveillance of a husband or wife will remain secret, which will only know the client and the detective. If there is an affair with another man, cheating men or women will be fixed - we zasnimem lovers, and you'll be able to present evidence, if you want to immediately file for divorce.
Test of loyalty - so called by another person under surveillance for the purpose of confirmation or refutation of his extramarital affair. We are investigating the most carefully, so that your spouse did not notice and do not know. If the husband or wife is cheating on her husband to his wife, we will help to establish the truth and present compelling evidence.

Monitoring of human

Private detective in the Vinnytsia regionSurveillance may be necessary not only in the case of suspected infidelity of spouse, but also in many other cases.
Do you think that your employees who are not in the office, and regularly travel on business, spend time on is not working any questions? We will be able to determine what employees are engaged, having photo-video surveillance, inconspicuous object.
Your child is lost somewhere after school and you're worried about what he can get into "bad company"? We can see where the child is after school, and provide you with all the evidentiary material.
Or maybe someone has long been watching you? For example, someone performs a surveillance of the phone is engaged or hear out? We are ready to assist you in finding the listening devices installed enemies. Check the room to identify the listening device is carried out using the best technological tools - all fixed bugs have been discovered and defused. Bug - a small device that can deliver in big trouble, as an important and sensitive information could fall into the hands of criminals. Search for devices by our specialists will neutralize all of the devices - bugs no longer transmit the information to malicious users.

Our unique system-antiproslushka allow you to not worry about what someone can intercept the information. In addition, we can still detect the wiretap your phone, which usually is a special hidden software. Listening can be made both mobile and landline. Perhaps your company wound up a spy, passing information to competitors - find it with the help of experts of "Conrad" in Vinnitsa!

In search of truth

Some people can lie so brilliantly that even an expert does not always find in his face or in his words, signs of deception. If you are not an expert on lying, but you know the truth is necessary, we propose to use a lie detector. It can be established when a person is lying and when telling the truth. Polygraph Testing will not fail - you can find everything you need, the information is accurate.

Find a lost person

Private detective in the Vinnytsia regionTracing people - is another area of ??our company. If you have long since lost touch with a relative, friend, acquaintance, but want to restore it, please contact our detective agency, we can find by the name of a lost man if he had, for example, moved to another city. If you know the name of a wanted man and even some of his data, we'll try to find it.
If you have a phone number, we can find someone by phone number - the database is in each city, information gathering can be done through open sources. By phone database of people we will be able to determine where the person - the address on the phone to find out is not difficult.
Search for relatives, friends, gathering information about their whereabouts is also in demand among our customers. With our help, found a lot of people, restored families, friendships.
Vinnytsia region in which we operate has its own detective stories, which we are engaged. Please contact if you need to conduct an investigation, to us, our private investigator can help you put everything into place!