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Zaporozhye region

Detective Agency on guard for corporate and private interests 

Detective Agency on guard for corporate and private interests Zaporozhye region - is one of the largest industrial regions of Ukraine, it accounts for the lion's share of GDP. And, as in all regions with a strong network of large enterprises, are in full progress industrial espionage. The most common illegal methods of obtaining information include the installation of a listening device, called often "scutes", telephone wiretapping, and the situation when the company introduced the staff spies. The list of services detective agency "Conrad" is like "checking the premises to detect listening device," his subsequent deactivation, or "antiproslushka." If you have any suspicions that the company has in the bugs, or telephone conversation is heard by unauthorized person - sufficient to seek the services of a detective agency "Conrad", which detect the tapping of mobile phones is not difficult.

However, not only the company of Zaporozhye region are detective agency clients - from private individuals is not less reason to resort to its services. The fact that in a big city such as Kiev, it is very easy to get lost, and these are cleverly dishonest people. Search the debtors, to date, is one of the most popular service detective agency "Conrad." Proprietary database and tried and tested channels of information allows our employees not only to quickly find the address on the phone to find someone by phone number, the databases of phone numbers of people or to search for people by name, but also to organize the return of the debt, property, etc. To achieve this, apply the following services agencies, such as surveillance of a person, surveillance, surveillance of phone and check "Polygraph", better known under the pseudonym "lie detector".

Detective Agency on guard for corporate and private interests Often, seek detective agency to find a relative. In large cities such as Kiev, the police often can not cope with this problem, but when the situation is beyond the scope of their activities, it can only resolve the detective agency. These situations include cases where the need to find a cousin named to receive the inheritance. But, unfortunately, often search with the fact that people receiving the inheritance has nothing to do, and is associated with their disappearance, in this case, the search is performed in parallel family detective agency, and law enforcement agencies.

A private detective is also useful in matters relating to private life. The most common reason for divorce is adultery, and divorce is often provokes a betrayal by women. If, however, comes into play detective agency, then no matter how hard his wife, cheating husband will be disclosed, as a lover - found. The same applies to situations where a spouse changes - revealing her husband's infidelity will happen as soon as possible. Help in the surveillance of human and photo, video surveillance, and as the facts will be provided to the client or the revealing photo report video.

Of course, such actions - it is rather an extreme measure, produced by the wife, husband, when the suspect has already taken a giant scale. Detective Agency "Conrad" advises not to neglect a situation, and to resort to checking their partner before marriage. A thorough collection of information on future wife, and a special test of loyalty are able to prevent such unfortunate consequences.