Kyiv, Ukraine
tel. +38 (063) 383-84-08

Detective Agency "Conrad" is active both in the territory of Kiev and Kiev region, and throughout Ukraine, as well as in the world. The presence of extensive foreign relations with the actions of private detectives and detective agencies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia and Oceania enables remotely authorize many of the problems of our clients and, if necessary - our detectives to travel to these countries.

Our team of highly qualified specialists are working: private detectives, forensic experts, experienced operatives, graphology, psychology. All the high-level, honest and decent people, whose task-assistance in solving your problems, search out even the most difficult circumstances. Prevention of dangerous situations related to the conduct of surveillance for you. Collection of information on business partners. Searching for people missing in the same family and heirs.

Due to the fact that Ukraine has a detective legislative activity is not resolved, we registered mass media, it allows us to (journalist) investigation into the legal field.

Our motto - better to do than promise: :
-We try to adhere to the rules that are not our invention, and the credo of all self-respecting detective agencies: -All applicants guarantee confidentiality, do not share customer information obtained from third parties. -We are not misleading customers about the prospects for the order and its results.


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