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Detective Agency in the city of Alexandria

Fortunately, people do not often have really serious problems in contacting private investigators. But unfortunately, far from everyone knows that, for example, in the detective agency of the city of Alexandria, Kirovograd region, they are ready to help you even in solving seemingly trivial issues. And many of our clients initially approached us with really serious enough problems that were related to tracing people or revealing adultery. But judging by their own experience all our qualifications and professionalism, they have become our regular customers, sometimes they just ask to conduct outdoor monitoring of their minor children while their parents are on a business trip or on vacation. Indeed, who else can you make such a request, understanding that at the same time your children will be not only under control, but also under reliable protection, because if necessary, our specialists can intervene in a critical situation, if there is a place to be.

In principle, family problems are quite sensitive and it requires not only professional intervention to solve them in some way, but also confidentiality. Therefore, we are often asked to conduct an identification of adultery. It is worth noting that such problems do not mean inappropriately that your other half is cheating. But man is such a difficult creature that even the slightest thought will eat him until he finds out the whole truth. Our task is precisely this, and to find out the whole truth of things. If your wife really has a lover, then you will certainly find out about this, but also due to complete secrecy when performing video surveillance you will have time to make the right decision on a cold head, and not based on emotions. If a fidelity check shows that your other half is really cheating on you, then you can always use the services of our lawyers if you decide to file for divorce. But you should never independently monitor the phone of a husband or wife, because you will not only not know the truth, but will aggravate the situation.

How we work with corporate clients

Corporate clients are a separate category of our customers because special tools are used here. In this case, our main function is to ensure the information security of the company. Never forget that no matter how successful your business is, there will always be people who want to steal this success using espionage. Accordingly, it is very vigilant to select employees. It is unlikely that you will be able to do this by studying the resume. The surest tool in this direction is a lie detector. Moreover, we recommend using a polygraph test not only during the interview process, but also, in principle, in any situations that occur in your company. However, this does not preclude the need for periodic inspection of the premises to identify listening devices. It is unlikely that you have the proper experience and special equipment so that you can independently detect wiretaps of mobile phones. Therefore, the search for bugs is also better to entrust to professionals.

And accordingly, it is better for professionals to trust and search for people. And here you can contact us not only in cases where you need to conduct a search for relatives of missing persons. But even if you just want to restore relations with your old classmate, which you need to find by last name or phone number, then you can also count on our efficiency and professionalism.

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