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Detective agency in the city of Dubno

With each passing day, gradually interacting with a detective agency for people is becoming the norm. But despite this, a huge number of people do not yet know and do not understand that they can contact the detective agency in the city of Dubno, Rivne region, with the problems that they face daily. If a few years ago, our activity began with standard services specific to private investigations, today we have gone far beyond this framework and are able to meet the tasks of any level, both individuals and large companies. Plus, we have the opportunity to work far beyond the borders of not only the city of Dubno, but also, in principle, Ukraine. Therefore, if you need help in another country, then you can also count on our participation.

What to do in case of treason

The modern world is so dynamic that we sometimes do not notice what is happening around us and even in our own family. And people can live in marriage for years, not paying attention to the fact that the second half has been cheating for a very long time. And when suddenly it becomes apparent, it is too late to make any attempts to change something in order to save the marriage. In principle, there are very different situations and there are no standard templates. But so that it doesn’t happen for you, you can always contact us so that our experts will identify marital infidelity. It is better to entrust the decision of such a sensitive issue with a professional who will find out the truth for a couple of hours than try to spy on the telephone of a husband or wife on their own. Moreover, we will not only provide you with reliable information, but we will do everything confidentially. Therefore, you can not worry at all about the fact that your good name will be dishonored if it suddenly becomes known to everyone that your wife has a lover. But we can organize not only a fidelity check, but also provide your alibi in front of your soulmate if you suddenly made a mistake and changed yourself. But naturally we do such things only when they do not go beyond the law.

Is it possible to get rid of surveillance

The range of our services includes not only external monitoring, but also counter-monitoring, when we find out whether there is surveillance of our client who organized and eliminated its consequences. This is especially true of media personalities or business owners whose lives may be of interest to other people, in particular competitors, so that they use the information received against you. Here, the methods of our work depend on the specific situation, but in most cases we conduct a room test to identify listening devices. However, the search for bugs should be a regular procedure, since it is not enough to detect wiretaps of mobile phones once, because they may appear again. Do not ignore the behavior of your employees, among whom may be spies. To check them, we recommend using a polygraph. It is also worth using a lie detector even at the interview stage.

Is it possible to find a person

It is sad, but sometimes people really go missing. Often this happens to those who are in the care of their relatives for health reasons. If these relatives contacted us in advance, then such disappearance could have been avoided. It was possible to quickly find the missing person. But even if you are now in this situation, you need to search for relatives who are missing, in any case, you can count on our help. Moreover, we help in the search not only for those people who disappeared unexpectedly, but also in matters when you just need to find a person by name or phone number if you have no way to contact him.

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