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Odessa, Odessa and the role of a detective agency "Conrad" in their lives.

Odessa - a unique city in which they live are unique people. And it's not so much in the famous Odessa humor, much of temperament. The mixing of blood of different nationalities, warmed hot southern sun, and gave the inhabitants of Odessa Odesa violent temper, which promises that its owner? That's right - adventure, including love. Perhaps this is why, every third prisoner in Odessa marriage threatens divorce, infidelity of the wife or husband for that is the main reason. And perhaps that's why is so popular in Odessa and the Odessa region service detective agency "Conrad" - "test of loyalty." After all, it allows not only to identify whether changes dearest spouse of its second half, but also to find out - who is a lover or a mistress. A method for clarification of this fact is very simple - a private investigator establishes surveillance of the house or apartment suspect (s). When you exit out of the observation used for the surveillance man (wife, husband), well, the fact of adultery captures pictures and video surveillance. If cheating occurs, for example, during working hours and in the workplace, the identification of betrayal of her husband or wife provides detectives conducted a skillful collection of information - no matter how dodgy was not a wife, a cheating husband will be exposed, and vice versa. And if this happens, then comes divorce, cheating women are rarely forgiven, in contrast to the male infidelity.

But men, in turn, going "left" side often Acquires offspring. And, often, this adultery with the consequences of holding a closely guarded secret and illegitimate offspring of the fact that there can "float out" only after many years when the children are adults. And having learned of the existence of native brother or sister, often these same children tend to get acquainted with his blood relative or relatives. Search for relatives is one of the most popular service detective agency "Conrad" and Odessa region is no exception. This may be a people search by name or even just by name and some biographical data. A similar search of people might be necessary to know their current address by phone number has been relevant years ago. Find people by name, find address by phone database of people and find people by phone number does not represent the complexity of the detective agency "Conrad."

Is not difficult, and finding people called "spies." And in private and in public life, these people can bring a lot of harm. To expose their detective agency, "Conrad" applies diverse measures. When it comes to a certain circle of people, it applies to "lie detector", which the scientific name of "Polygraph test". Considerable damage can bring, and electronic spies - bugs, tapping telephones, surveillance of telephone and so on. Detect wiretapping of mobile phones, fixed phones, or where the beetle is able to set this service detective agency "Conrad", like checking the premises to detect listening device. If it gives a positive result, all objects rendered harmless - they set antiproslushka. And to continue the conversation telephone or other person oral transmission of information will be absolutely safe.

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