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Detective agency in the city of Storozhynets

And someone knows that there is marital infidelity only from television series or tabloid romance novels that are read before bedtime. But for some, this is a reality that he encountered not only from the stories of acquaintances, but in his own family life. And naturally, for a family, such a situation is a tragedy that can destroy absolutely everything, no matter how strong love between people. However, before you make any radical conclusions, you need to find out how much reality corresponds to what you think. If your spouse began to visit a beauty salon or a fitness club more often - this does not mean that she has a lover. If your husband suddenly began to linger in the evenings at work or began to leave more often on business trips, this also does not mean that he is cheating on you. However, this is a sufficient reason to reflect on your family life and contact our detective agency in the city of Storozhynets, Chernivtsi region.

We have never seen many of our clients and are able to work remotely. Therefore, if your soulmate goes to this settlement, or you live here, and your husband or wife left somewhere, then this is a good reason to conduct a fidelity check. The most important thing is that we can provide you with not only all reliable information on your issue, but also ensure complete confidentiality, which is a huge and necessary aspect in solving such issues. And as soon as we carry out photo-video surveillance, you will immediately receive reliable information, and your soulmate will not even realize that an adultery has been revealed in relation to her.

Psychological and legal assistance

If it suddenly turns out that the wife really has a lover, and the husband is cheating instead of earning money on business trips, not everyone is able to accept and experience this information adequately. But the advantage of our agency is the fact that we can provide not only the services of private detectives, but also the services of experienced psychologists. And besides this, we also have a staff of lawyers that you can contact if you decide to file for divorce due to the betrayal of a husband or wife. But naturally, these specialists work not only with family issues, but also with any others in which their professional participation is necessary.

Large companies - our customers

Legal assistance and even just consultation is very often necessary for entrepreneurs and even large companies that have their own legal departments. It is unlikely that your lawyer can thoroughly collect information about a potential partner and find out all the data that does not lie on the surface, but information about which can greatly affect your future partnerships. In principle, we work with many companies on an ongoing basis and our work is not only legal assistance, but also, in principle, the full provision of information security. After all, it is worth noting that corporate espionage is not just someone’s invention or fantasy, but the reality that so many entrepreneurs face. And here we need complex work, which involves not only a thorough search for bugs, but also focused work with the team, in which your competitors can introduce spies at any time. If in one case it is necessary to periodically check the premises for the detection of listening devices, then in working with personnel it is important to periodically check the polygraph. Moreover, in one and the other case, we can organize the work in such a way that none of your team will be aware of any of your actions in this direction. Do not try to use a lie detector yourself or detect wiretaps on mobile phones. This work requires special training, many years of skills and the use of special equipment.

Wanted people

Unfortunately, as practice shows, in many cases people initially try to solve their problems on their own and only then turn to detectives. The same applies to the search for people. First, our potential customers try to find a person by name or phone number using Internet resources, but then they still come to us, after spending a huge amount of time.

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