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Detective agency in Volnogorsk

The range of services of our detective agency in the city of Volnogorsk is no less extensive than our capabilities. This is what makes us the most in demand for all segments of the population. But of course the high qualification of our specialists plays an equally important role.

Collecting information by professionals

On your first request, we can carry out a complete collection of information regarding any subject, organization, person. And this concerns not only those issues when a person needs to collect a dossier, or to check a company for integrity. Also, the collection of information may be required in the process of searching for people. The search for relatives with whom contacts are lost is often the reason for appealing to our detective agency. Therefore, if you want to find a person by phone number, you do not need to personally try to scan all possible databases. Our specialists will do this work for you much faster and better, because they know what, where and when to search. But when it is necessary to find a person by the surname, as in the performance of any other task assigned to us, we can not give concrete terms of execution. Our work is extremely unpredictable.

Is your spouse right for you?

Unfortunately, adultery is a ubiquitous problem that many people face. Therefore, we are no longer surprised at the request to reveal the fact of the betrayal of a husband or wife. Some men already know for certain that the wife has a lover. But they still have a hope that it is possible to save the marriage. And in addition to confirming their suspicions, we provide psychological assistance in the preservation of marriage, because divorce because of the betrayal of a man or a woman is not always the right decision. Some are asked to spy on the phone of a husband or wife. But we can not use illegal methods. Therefore, most often external observation is a more correct decision.

Counter spying surveillance


Usually, if a person seems to have someone behind him conducting video surveillance, he most likely does not seem to him. Unfortunately, the spy is not only the heroes of movies and novels, about wiretapping of mobile phones is a common practice. But we have the most modern tools to detect wiretapping of mobile phones. We always say that checking the premises to identify eavesdropping devices should be regular, since you will not be able to secure any anti-spyware. But to find out who your espionage is leading such espionage will help the lie detector. That's just for verification on a polygraph you need the consent of the person you are checking.

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