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Appealing to the detectives, you are sure that the secrets and mysteries no longer in your life

Appealing to the detectives, you are sure that the secrets and mysteries no longer in your life


ergey talked Sachenko
"Legal newspaper"
15.06.2010. №24

Appealing to the detectives, you are sure that the secrets and mysteries no longer in your life


- Yuri, despite the fact that in our country there is no legal basis that would allow to regulate the activities of private detectives Ukraine, the number of such organizations is still increasing. What mainly services today provide such structures.

- In our modern world, where there is often times the most difficult situations in life in which you do not know how to do the right thing, people can be very difficult to do without the help of a qualified professional. And it should be said that not every such situation may render necessary assistance to law enforcement authorities. And to your question really resolved delicately and efficiently as possible, you will need to contact the detective agency, but there you will really be able to help. A treat with a variety of problems. Someone wants to find his lost property, for example, a car, and someone immediately need to expose your soul mate treason or ensure the safety of his family, as well as with many other requests and problems. Very often, our customers are parents who are extremely concerned about the behavior of their children, and will certainly want to be sure that their child does not become members of some groups are not engaged in the use of drugs or alcohol, and are not doing something illegal. It is necessary to timely detect and prevent bad influence exerted on adolescent. It is in addressing these issues and help detectives who conduct surveillance of children. Detective certainly take responsibility for ensuring that quality and professional conduct your search for missing relatives or old friends with whom you have, for whatever reasons, we have not seen for many years. It is possible that you need to check the personal data specific person. With this request, you can also call the detective agency, including the phone or to find out the correct address. Private detective will observe the need for you to individuals and provide reports as photo made videos. Just turning to private investigators, you can really be sure that in your professional and personal life is no longer any secrets left. And contrary to what other people say in this regard, the prices of the services provided are acceptable for virtually every customer's detective agency. And this is natural is not only entrepreneurs or wealthy. Especially if you really just refer to the detective agency, it will be for you much cheaper than the losses that you may incur if they themselves try to solve the problem, or choose not to pay attention to it. And it is worth remembering that in the solution of their problems almost the entire Western world along with Europe have long been using services of private detectives, quite naturally perceiving their work. In these countries, the private detective is taken like personal psychologist or family doctor. It is any problem can be solved very quickly, you only dial his phone. And it does not matter what area of ??your life it regards this issue. This may relate to the business or for personal your life. For example, if you're tired of checking out the different instances, you have found the leak of important information in the company, then it's time to call in a detective agency. And maybe you need to solve their personal issues, do not waste time and immediately go to the private detective, to order him to conduct investigation or people carrying surveillance, the decision of land disputes or solve problems related to the illegal dismissal. And you can be sure that your problem will soon cease to exist, and not just no longer have to worry. On the internet today you can find a huge number of different ads associated with the provision of the services of private detectives. But do not trust each of them. They are invited to various services that are funny money. You can promise the quality and efficiency. But it is possible that this is just the tricks of swindlers. It should be very good to think before agreeing to work with such people. After all, as a result you can get even more serious problem, in addition to lost money and time spent in vain. A private detective must necessarily be professional. So do not be ashamed or afraid to ask him about what it was successful case, he already held. Remember that it is not necessary to trust and just starting agencies. You are very much at risk.

- And there are no irregularities in the actions of a private investigator on freedom of citizens and their constitutional rights if you do surveillance of them fulfilling their mandate a new client?

- In principle, if we talk about the purely legal aspect, of course, it is not prohibited by the very activity of detective agency, namely, some of its elements. Let's take article 32 of the Constitution, which is entirely non-interference in private and family life of the citizens of our country, and in accordance with this article, committed not permissible to use any confidential information about a person if that person does not give its consent. For example, it concerns the violation of the secrecy of correspondence or any other correspondence, the transmission is carried out by means of the use of modern means of communication, but also prohibited and verification, as specified in his autobiography. All these actions are more or less may be at any time deemed illegal. And those detectives who have long been working in this field, under no circumstances will not allow themselves to violate these laws, and will not work against public servants, making getting information about them, which has some kind of relationship to state secrets . The main activity of private detectives is to help in solving family and domestic issues.

- And who are mainly appeals to you for help? And to address any questions to address it?

- Most customers detective agency are those who begins to suspect treason soul mate. And basically our customers, or rather, the client - women in the age of thirty - forty years. But here you must be very careful when much want to know the whole truth. According to statistics, the information that a loved one has committed treason, may thus have an impact on the person that he just happened to psychological disorder, but may occur and hysterical. But in spite of all the possible consequences if someone of the spouses is suspected that the other is unfaithful, the firm matures decision to use the services of a private detective. And here comes the victory over their psychological barrier. The private detective is an expert who can give you an absolute guarantee that the family is really split, or that there is no reason to panic. And for this the information you will certainly have to pay. Hour of a private investigator in such a situation is about forty dollars, but it all depends on how difficult was the task set. As detectives say they only provide information about where and with whom to spend their leisure time people suspect. We do not provide as evidence of any photo or video reports. And if the private detective is ready to go out to make a survey of the camera, you can be sure that you have contacted a fraud. And if the client will be able to talk on the move professional, he has automatically become complicit in the crime. These are the realities and place of the private detective. And after the person receives the information necessary to conduct personal surveillance to understand that the husband really changes. And if everything is confirmed, there arises the question of what to do next. This may be a divorce or an attempt to preserve the family. But it is necessary to understand that adultery - this is insufficient reason for having to go to divorce. You can not just write in the column causes of divorce is that your significant other you are systematically changed. There will likely be that you just do not get along.

Also, investigators carried out and search for people who went missing. In such cases, the police do not always willingly goes to work. And this is due to a greater extent with the congestion that occurs in their work, but not with the lack of professionalism. The same methods that are used in their work private detectives, always individual. Accordingly, no one would talk openly about them, because it is already completely confidential. But when it comes to statistics, in six of the seven cases, it is possible to find a person. But there are also such things, for which the detectives will not be taken under any circumstances. No one will waste your time to find the grandfather of ninety years that simply can lose memory. And the service itself will cost you quite a decent amount.

But the choice of apartments for theft also occurs not by chance. Initially thieves gather information that is stored in a particular apartment. For a long time they can watch the masters and find out at what time they are often not at home, only then to decide on their crime. Sometimes a detective can not only identify the offender, but also to help in order to recover the stolen items. If the client has not been repaired for a long time, it is possible that the theft took place on a tip of the working teams. And Detective sure that such information can certainly be a clue to finding the perpetrators. Services of private detectives in this situation will not be cheap, because the specialist will need to make a trip to the scene of the crime, and sometimes it can be a different city. But you also need to write a statement and the police. And if the detective can solve a crime, all information received should be brought immediately to the attention of law enforcement.

- And how do you work with someone who appeals to you incognito?

- It is a normal practice for us. The client can contact us simply by phone, and at the same time we are not going to require him to give his last name. The most important thing for us, so that he could articulate the problem faced by, and then make a payment of fifty percent of our work. After that, we will immediately begin the implementation of the order. And when the order will be fulfilled, the customer pays the remaining amount.

- Do you cooperate with someone of their foreign counterparts?

- Yes, we have many years rather successfully working with recognized leaders of private detective activity in virtually every country of the world. A lot of our orders are to perform in our country, but also we have many orders given to them, if you want to help a client in another country. Especially since there is the possibility of much higher than our own. Naturally, to disclose the names of these companies, we will not, because we have such terms and conditions. But to get the best result for our customers, we sometimes leave themselves in the country where it is necessary to execute the order.

- How risky is your job?

- Well, actually there is a risk in every profession. If we take into account and carry out certain security rules, then no problem will never be. This also applies to our detective work. If we continue to work within the law, as it did on this day, we will not move no boundaries, we will not be faced with any risk. It is important that we employ only professionals, which are very sensitive to the limit and do not go for it.

- What do you think, what should happen, and how it should be resolved your activity in our country in terms of the law? How realistic is it to Ukraine to take the necessary draft law?

- As of today, our work is very popular in Ukraine. The demand just is not real, and it is necessary to do everything to satisfy him. Especially since the detective activity faces many problems related solely to the social non-perception. Many citizens of our country just do not like those people who have every opportunity to get information about them, conduct surveillance, and use a variety of sources to gather information. In connection with this situation it is very important to change the public opinion in the first place, it is necessary to take all measures to convince people that it is extremely necessary to create all conditions for the protection of their reputation. Those bills, which are currently available on the Parliament of our country, will not do much good, and only be driven detective agency in a more serious frame, significantly limiting their opportunities. But our government, especially the Ministry of Interior is very much afraid of what private detectives will pull the blanket. After all, those who work in the detective agencies - all former law enforcement officers, as well as various special units that have exactly the same experience as those people who are currently working in law enforcement. And they can easily outdo their colleagues. And the problem still lies in the fact that the authorities are now working a lot of young staff, which is still a very strong lack experience. Those operative, who are already in retirement increasingly willing to go to work in the company's attorney, as well as detective agencies, helping his former colleagues in their activities. But of course, more dangerous and responsible processes still need to be carried out by State agencies, they successfully do. That is a well-established pattern and act Detective agencies in other countries. They hold all the work associated with the laborious and intellectual activity, to establish the attacker, but the process of detention - already rests with the police. Therefore, it is safe to say that private detectives are very necessary for our society. And it is possible that once all the same will be passed a law according to which the profession Buda clearly regulated by legal norms.

- And could you tell us more about those who work in your company. Where are these people worked before came to you?

- Our whole team - it professionals. They have vast experience in conducting surveillance, are excellent experts in the organization of search for missing persons, as well as gather information perfect for any occasion. This is a very experienced criminologists and experts who are able to provide including economic security. It is these people, and form the core of our company, and each of them has a huge experience in law enforcement. And every member of our staff is a master of specialization is, figuring only in the business. Each of them has a law degree. A long experience in government enables us to execute orders at the highest level.

- What are the most interesting and unusual things you have come across in your practice?

- We have a few stories to tell time. There was one situation when we received the order, so we followed the object. But as it turned out, it was the object of our client. The man just decided to have a little fun, trying to jump off the tail, or simply check out our professionalism. But later, confident in our experience, he boldly ordered us to check his business partner. It was our practice and one funny incident that happened with my colleague. His agreement with the client on the Company arranged a customer that he spent there on-site investigation and identified all the saboteurs. But it so happened that at the very first time the client announced to the team that started working with a private investigator, whose existence was in their company, no one can guess, and now he would know who is in the company of his subversive activities. There is simply something difficult to comment on. And convey our feelings too impossible.

In another case, when a customer asked to make the collection of all information which is possible. But then we learned that it was the order itself. He just wondered what it can learn about other people. And another man requested a revealing his wife's infidelity.


Yuri Conrad
Director detective agency "Conrad"