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Do you want to secure your business from the competition, order service "check room availability for listening devices"

Inspection of premises for the presence of listening devices - the basis of security for your business

Until that time, your business is flourishing, but for some time, began to happen, strange events. Suddenly you have a competitor takes a major customer, important talks break down, there are serious problems. Do you have the feeling that confidential information leaked out that all of your actions beforehand guess competitors. Well, industrial espionage, which appeared with the development of free enterprise and the growth of competition, no one has canceled. Your job as a leader - to secure your business.

How to detect espionage?

What can be done in this case? The first thing to think about is that you are likely to listen, maybe in your premises, installed in your machine, so-called bugs. In this modern age of information technology, each optionally be able to buy any simple tap or tracking system. Their dimensions are very petite, installation does not require special skills. Therefore, they can set everyone and it does not require special skills and lots of time.

In this case, only one solution - to check the premises on the wiretap. Trained technicians, having at its disposal the best professional equipment, be able to identify bugs, radiozakladki, tracking beacons, hidden video cameras, and other devices for information retrieval in any form. Will check on the wiretap office manager, administration, conference halls and other premises, which you call.

Will be executed not only checking the premises for the presence of listening devices, but also perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle. Will determine whether there is a tracking device in which enemies will track the location of your car.

If not detected bugs

Even if the experts do not find listening devices, check to wiretap premises is necessary in order to be assured of their safety, that no one is evil game against you.

If you suddenly find that you listen, your information is poured, our detective agency "Konrad" offers you a comprehensive service. You just need to find out who and under what circumstances put listening devices. After all, someone has access to your office. Perhaps one of your employees working for competitors. Our experts suggest that you check your staff to identify which of them is "mishandled an agent." For example, we offer this service as a lie-detector test.

Checking facilities for the identification of information-gathering If this is not acceptable, then you can try to identify bugs, radiozakladki, tracking beacons, but leave them in place and try to direct competitors in the wrong path. For example, by negotiating in his office or in konferenzale, enter competitor misleading. So, maybe someone who works for a competitor to be exposed.

How to choose a plan of action will depend on you, but in any case, check the premises for any listening devices - is a necessary step if you want to secure your business. It's no wonder they say: "Booked - is forearmed!"