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Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

 In Dzharty team as a family, Konstantinov - not seeking power, but lacks the will Ageyev

About a man in his handwriting can learn anything. Photo ydi.org.uaOur publication "Today" asked the experts in a particular field of study, a graphologist and a simple school teacher with the aim to find out what exactly people are Crimean authorities and ask what it can tell a person's handwriting. And for our analyzes were selected documents in accordance with the law filled these officials extremely personally. It was their declaration of income. But that experiment took place not biased, we deliberately hid all the names and positions of the experts in this matter.

"In fact, the person's handwriting can tell about its owner completely any information - give its opinion on this issue, an experienced graphologist of the detective agency" Conrad "Gregory Semchuk. - That's just a great pity in this situation that you have selected only one single document for each person. If it were possible to make a comparison, I would certainly have tried to find out how people are nervous, uneasy filling such documents, and certainly he knew how much they were nervous in certain areas. And even based on this information we can understand how these documents are true. " Says this experienced graphologist, when analyzing handwriting is very important, any of its components: the power of pressure, tilt, and the size of the letters. For example, if the letter short, and very often, then it indicates a serious thrift author of the document, but the sprawling handwriting indicates a serious activity. At the push of a weakly manifested a strong sensitivity of the person. If all letters are equal, then it suggests indifference and composure of the owner of the handwriting, but flattened indicate propensity to crime.

And when Gregory Semchuk carefully examined handwriting samples belonging to the authorities of Crimea, it made quite interesting conclusions. It turned out that these people have a lot in common. "There is a feeling that they just picked up on some specific criteria all along that they exercise some humility, were certainly manageable and quite weak, like a puppet, - says the situation graphologist. - But in any case, I have considered each author proposed handwriting - it is not the best candidate for the management of any organization, let alone a country. All these people are very noticeably suffers greatly the quality of their work. " Private detective to conclude that the Crimean authorities are not very resistant to any stress, they do not know how to make decisions and act in extreme conditions, very dogmatic, and easily offended and ready for any compromise. This is the portrait was made in respect of management autonomy. But it is an individual analysis allowed to understand that the local political circles there are also potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy cheap snobs.

But another view of them expressed a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature Galina Ivanishina, which currently operates in Tauris grammar school number 20 in Simferopol. Her many years of experience and constant interaction with students allows her to draw conclusions and to say exactly what the inclinations and inclinations inherent to a particular owner's handwriting, as well as a warehouse of his character and features of the character. The assessment it is very different from what we were told by a graphologist of the detective agency. And during his school expert analysis I did never conclude that the Crimean politicians are really boring people. After all, with such extremely difficult to miss. It is thus able to pick up some of the sayings and words to give them their characteristic, but of course, she did not know their names. It is possible that in the following compilation of our performance really is accurate hit because officials - is also the common people with their shortcomings and mistakes.

Handwriting can be diagnosed

The fact that it was in the handwriting of the person and reflects his mental quality. "It is the manner of how a person writes is possible not only to draw conclusions about his character, but also to put a definite diagnosis - explains the situation experienced psychiatrist who works in the Crimean psychiatric hospital number 1, Professor Igor Ganzin. - The person is going through some changes as the progress of some diseases, which it is exposed. These changes occur slowly, but certainly will be reflected in his handwriting. And if there is a sharp change in the size of letters, it may indicate that it has struck the nervous system. But if in his handwriting appeared curls, it testifies to schizophrenia. If there was a dramatic change in the slope of handwriting, we can conclude that this is a consequence of a strong psychological shock, and may have brain damage. "

Dzharty: cautious statesman

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

When examined graphologist handwriting Vaisliya Dzharty, Chairman of the Board Ministers of the ARC, I saw in him a very cautious person: "It is safe to say that absolutely every movement that person - as if by Marsh in the swamp. He first several times to check everything before you do something. He is also going through a very kind, even more neurotic, whereby very good sense of other people's problems. the quality of its impact is not very strong, it is increasingly willing to move away from direct confrontation than to go to the collision. And if you put pressure on him with great force, he simply retreat. " At the same time in this Sumchuk Gregory I noticed that the handwriting Dazhrty speaks of his strong love of power, as well as the rational ability to take on as much as you can really carry. "He is very much trying to do the soft control, creating your team solely on the basis of marriage. Of course, he is not an ideologist and nikogdane will be torn to the podium for speeches. And when he decides, it seeks its entire risk cause minimum losses, it is best to zero - explains the graphologist. - On top of it it is quite creative nature, which may well write poems, books, or even a picture. "

The teacher's opinion. Quite different conclusions made Ivanishina Galina: "This is the man who is a statesman. For the sake of his desire to dominate, he is ready to sacrifice even his family happiness. But he distinguished pedantry and a strong temperament, and is able to completely surrender to the general idea. " For this man is very suitable expression such as: "The mind - the snake, heart - a dove."

Konstantinov: Executive business manager
Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs


Having studied the style of writing, Vladimir Konstantinov graphologist said that this shows that if the author does something very much wants to do. Experts believe that the Speaker of the Crimean parliament often compromises, rather than defending their point of view and his own desires. "I see here some coward and a very high degree of duty of man. It is quite possible that all of this is the reason that he often offended. And he is extremely lacks certain qualities to defend their own point of view. They do not seek power, it is possible that it is not simply the result of his successful attempts to break through. There is a feeling that he had made such attempts, but just something always went wrong. "

The teacher's opinion. After Galina Ivanshina carefully studied the handwriting of the speaker, it concluded that it is very economic man: "He very much likes to be around was the order. In all senses of the word he is really strong economic manager. " Also, according to the woman Konstantinov inherent qualities such as talent, kindness and amorousness. She is confident that we can say about it: "Everyone has his own Galatea!". This means that if he chose some field of activity and life, it will never change their choice.

Osadchy: purposeful and cunning strategist

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

But in the study of handwriting a measure of Kerch Oleg Osadchiy specialist he saw some signs of complex power. "This man has the makings of some demonstrative personality that at some point just goes to hysteroid - explains his opinion Gregory Semchuk. - As a clerk, he is, of course, so-so. He just crouched in anticipation in order to improve their situation and become its chief. This person is able to take risks with it can absolutely put everything on the line, even if it is assumed that they could lose. He is a great strategist, but for some reason it does not use its quality, or simply he has already accumulated a set of failures that hamper it now. But as in all he manages to blame the people around them. He likes to sometimes just keep ideological chatter. But to make sure to resume should alert kerchyan. "This man is a very tough and the target. And if it will impact and power that it can turn into a tyrant. "

The opinion of the teacher: A teacher's conclusions in respect of that person became very unexpected. As it turned out, she believes that it is avant-garde. This man is different vigor and irony, he is very cunning and clever, such a kind of single-minded innovator. But there is this governor and a certain feature - it seems to him that he would not like it for the money. Osadchiy for most approached this aphorism: "kindness and good word of an elephant on a string can lead", it means that it is best to behave, how to kinder, but in this case he will be able to open up to people.


Bartenev: esthetician, armed with information

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

"This man is as passionate as Oleg Osadchiy. But he is different in the strong laziness. But in the dialogue may prove prickliness and anger in the management of people is a tyrant. It is also present a certain kind of cowardice and caution as other personalities, which I studied handwriting. He committed is not able to feel other people as well as those processes that occur. He does not know how to empathize with the problems of others "- that is not so comforting response was received Theodosia mayor.

But still unable to find a specialist in some aspects of handwriting Bartenev and some signs of an outstanding personality. "He has a well-developed intellect, able to learn quickly and processing the necessary information, then to use it as your weapon. Due to these his abilities he makes his move, "- said on this subject Semchuk Gregory, adding some psychological touch to conclude:" He has a very highly developed private protection through displacement: if he does something very bad, then then just forget about it or it will eat itself. "

Opinion Teacher: But Galina Ivanshina sure that the mayor of the qualities she saw in his handwriting, is the person carrying case. Nobody can understand, because of what he and others close by. But it does not have any influence on its development. It is very aesthetic and very original. However, he still was strong dreamer. The teacher just know that he is most appropriate phrase "Happiness - is when you understand."

Ageev: live by the rules and do not want power

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs


But when it comes to the manner of writing Victor Ageev, there is an expert make an unambiguous conclusion that this man did not have any willpower. "Whoever wrote this document is a very cautious man, and he has clearly no volitional mechanisms, - explains the graphologist. - I did not see any desire for power in it. It takes decisions that have long been prescribed. The main guide for it are rules and laws. It is better to go the beaten track than pave your own way, it is not love does not know how to take the initiative and tackle the difficult issues that may require a non-standard approach to them. " But Gregory Semchuk also noted that there is in this man, and the quality that will be able to compensate for his lack of will. It concerns his ability to get involved in the case, which he was assigned. That's just it does not help him if he finds himself in an extreme situation, which is absolutely tries to avoid in life.

The teacher's opinion. The teacher believes that the man hardly known, as well as the residents of Simferopol, and even his closest entourage. In his handwriting she could only say that he is a dark horse, which is itself in his mind.

Boyarchuk: a dreamer, ready to compromise

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

Also, residents of Yalta city manager, as the residents of Simferopol and Feodosia, different extreme caution mixed with dogmatic. These are the findings of his handwriting did graphologist. But with all this, he has a very high self-esteem. "This man appreciates in others, first of all, not their essence, namely ethics and etiquette. He very much appreciates himself has a strong snobbery. For example, he would never sit down with the person who rank below him. And when will take a decision, it certainly will be covered by the law, trying to find a defense to be able to defend their own opinion. But even with all this, he is able to break himself and to compromise. He is a great visionary and a dreamer. But if for some reason it will not be a fantasy come true, it will start to blame in all of this your surroundings. And it differs touchiness. "

The teacher's opinion. Galina Ivanshina sure handwriting Alexei Boyarchuk says that he is the owner who has a strong mind, and it is a family man and very charming. It is possible that it is something sick, but I still live for a long time and still do alms in secret is the people.

Yatsuba: thrifty and ambitious original

Manuscripts of the Crimean authorities: potential tyrants, dreamers and touchy snobs

After graphologist handwriting analyzed ambassador President of Ukraine in Crimea, Vladimir Yatsuba, then he concludes that he has a fairly average desire for power, but also has a very low The ideological coupled with cowardice, as it can be traced and other politicians of Crimea. But even with all this graphologist ambassador emphasized and highlighted his stubbornness: "This man is a very prickly, touchy, and incredibly evil. He has the makings of some paranoid. He can get into difficulties, which will certainly be hit by the full. He made unable to sense danger and those times when it is best to stay away. He has a very strong stubbornness, just to stupefaction, and he is dogmatic. And be sure to stand up on its end. But sometimes the situation forced him to compromise, giving him very hard. It is possible that for their own justification, it brings its own problems on other people, - says expert. - But while the man is incredibly important that he liked his job and enjoyable. "

Opinion teacher. According to Galina Ivanshina, this man is a very thrifty. "But at the same time it is different as its ambition, temper and originality."


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