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In Kiev, the potential renters of apartments on a lie detector test





Each such check costs at least $ 150-300

In Kiev, the potential renters of apartments on a lie detector test

Check. The test of fairness is more of Kiev. Photo: S. Dmitriev

In Kiev, now there is a new trend. Many people tend to check their partners and customers for honesty. And in the process it takes a polygraph test mass momentum. Already dozens of companies willing to take on such responsibility, by offering this service. Already reached even to the point that before take shelter, apartment owners lead a potential tenant in the lie-detector test to avoid problems with it in the future.

It requires the consent of the person. The owners of expensive apartments rather try to check its future residents a lie detector to avoid a problem with them. And each such check is it costs a minimum of one hundred fifty to three hundred dollars. "About one - two times a week, we were asked to conduct a polygraph test their potential guests. This is mainly the owners of expensive apartments, which are located in the city center. People are very worried for their property, respectively, want to make sure that the guest does not obkradet their apartment, and that he has no relation to the criminal community, and does not intend to use their living space to stage a shooting galleries. " Employees of a detective agency "Conrad" say that after the pass a lie detector test, they can say about this man, how he was chistoploten under the conditions of the contract before, and how care with property owners. "We conduct checks of people for their past. We learn, not whether they are burning through furniture cigarettes, did not result in any animal into the wrong apartment, was not whether they have a debt to pay. Naturally, we can not guarantee that people will not even clean commit something bad after a while. After all, anyone can be in any difficult situations that will put him in tough conditions and simply forced, for example, to go to steal, "- answers to our questions, Igor, who is an experienced polygraph examiner and operates in a detective agency" Conrad ". Once verification is made by specialists, they transmit landlord entire folder with its findings and charts derived from the work. It was there and described all that capable people. But the most important condition of the audit is the consent of the person to be tested on a polygraph.

Theft chandeliers. "I once rented his apartment in the center of the city, where I had two very expensive chandeliers from Italy. They were made in the country to order. Cost chandelier was two thousand euros. But this chandelier disappeared after the previous tenants moved out. Therefore, I am now ready to spend money for such polygraph tests to be sure in the future that will no longer be such theft in my house ", - he told us his story resident of Kiev Olga. Volodymyr Polishchuk, who works as the chief DSP police in Kiev, says that in recent years in Kiev, the percentage of such offenses decreased significantly. "Before, people were much more careless than they are now. They are absolutely not worried about the issue of private property. But today, they are more attentive to your belongings. And check out all those who are planning to rent an apartment, "- said Polishchuk.

Ville. Not so long ago, Leonid Chernovetsky, Mayor, confidently declared that anyone who wants to get a job in the administration, must necessarily pass a polygraph test. And plus to all candidates for the position he had to bear all the costs. But as soon as the power shift, polygraphs on Khreshchatyk completely removed.

Marina Pethick