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In Kiev already Holmes


In Kiev already Holmes

In all major Ukrainian cities of detective agencies is growing rapidly


In Kiev already Holmes


By and large, until recently about detective agencies and the activities of private detectives could only learn from books or from movies to series, but dozens or even hundreds of such organizations operate in Kiev. And you can find them simply by using the internet. These people spend corporate investigate and search people they can organize the surveillance of spouse or start tracing the debtor or willful defaulter of the alimony. They do not make much of a problem to begin to conduct photo surveillance. and it's not the whole list of services that can be ordered in a detective agency in a relatively decent fee. And as they say on the subject themselves private investigators, the appeal is to the detective agency is the best solution and the solution of many problems, if you for some particular reason can not come with their troubles to the police. But that's just, there is another problem - is the lack of a regulation of private detectives from the legislation. And this leads to the fact that some citizens are turning to outright fraudsters.

Detective work in Ukraine

The rapid increase in the number of detective agency - it is a characteristic feature for many modern and developed countries. A lot of private investigators working in the United States. There are estimated to currently operates about three and a half thousand of these agencies, various companies and detective bureau. But in Ukraine, their formation started only in the nineties of the twentieth century. But according to the director of the detective agency "Conrad" George Konrad, in Kiev, as in all other major cities of the country, the number of such detective agencies may be to some extent compared with the number of hairdressers and beauty salons. According to the head of the detective agency, the negative is that the market there is a lot of scams of various calibers, which like mushrooms after the rain there and then suddenly disappear immediately. It only leads to the appearance of distrust of citizens to those who are willing to work honestly and openly. It is because of the legislation and such a trend is determined, resulting in unregulated detective work in our country, because from a legal perspective we simply have no detective work. Due to this fact, among the customers there is no legal protection at a time when he becomes a detective agency. In such circumstances, his "non-recognition" and to work private detectives Ukraine, making their work more difficult. How do say domestic Sherlock Holmes - "What is not forbidden is allowed." This position allows them quite deftly maneuver between certain legal dangers in this legal field. It is said that almost the majority of Ukrainian detective agencies are registered as mass media. Of course, in our country with a certain periodicity are attempting to legalize their activities and to give a chance to the existence of private detectives. Here, for example, recently before Parliament was already a new draft of such a law, which could change the status and position of detective work. "But this document has both lobbyists and their opponents. All at the same time agree that this act will certainly need Ukraine ", - he said on this topic, Yuri Conrad. Basically, the detective agency are former law enforcement officials, as well as various law enforcement agencies. "In the course of their work in public office, - says Yuri Conrad - we began to realize that when you go down, we will have something to do that will certainly be linked to our former work. Well, where else could realize themselves professionals such as we? Of course in a detective agency. And while serving many of our friends and acquaintances asked to help them with a solution of various issues, using the principles of the provision of detective services. But then we just do not have the right to help them, because they were on duty. But now our hands are untied in this regard, but the experience was. We have some opportunities. "

What are the prices for the services of detectives?

The most important task of private detectives, which appeared in the period of the emergence of such organizations in 1834 with the advent of the first detective office under the name "Bureau of Investigation for Trade", which was led by Eugene Francois Vidocq, and to this day has not changed anything. But if you talk about the range of services, there have been significant changes and expand it in the security business of various kinds of commercial crimes.

At the moment, it is the industry's private investigation business can help in the protection of computer equipment in your office, and will help to you to avoid any encroachment on the intellectual fruits of your labor, financial or any other activities. Private detectives will help you in the most effective opposition to the various threats originating from your competitors or any other intruders. Investigators say themselves that it is the private detective is now almost the most optimal way of the various cases, when there is no such as the very structure of a crime, and, consequently, there is no reason to go to the police. "For example, you suspect for what your spouse is cheating on you. Where you will treat your guesses? Naturally, it will go to the private detective. It can be said, the only man in all the land, which in this situation, be able to act as quickly as possible and not to show any emotion. And if you have on hand will be all the necessary information, you are already in such a situation can take an informed decision as possible "- gives his assessment on the subject, Yuri Conrad.

You can be assured that the services of a private detective will certainly allow you to save valuable time and your money and, most importantly, nerves. Especially when it is necessary to conduct a variety of checks are not only the acquisition of documents machine but checking the alibi of the person. a private investigator may be involved in the search for lost and lost things, and clearly stolen the missing values. And similar services are not so rarely needed parents, because no one is safe from a wide variety of unexpected situations, which can be any child. And in these cases, according to Yuri Conrad private investigation become the most effective supplement for all acts committed by law enforcement agencies.

But we should also understand the fact that the whole range of services is extremely cheap. And to know the exact amount can be used only if the private detectives can appreciate the complexity of incoming orders and the level of its own liability and the possibility of his client. Also, not all private investigators can not yet explain the amount of starts. Very many difficulties emerge precisely in the process of execution of the order. But it is possible to identify some of the figures about: people search will cost customers from two hundred and fifty dollars a day, and surveillance of her husband going to cost you three hundred and fifty dollars a day to spend, or simply wanted to inquire about the alimony dodgers, you will need to spend a hundred dollars a day photo - video surveillance is three hundred and fifty dollars a day, and the collection of information is from two hundred dollars a day to conduct a search for witnesses, you will have to pay between two hundred and fifty dollars a day, and check the car for the hijacking of the client in cost two hundred dollars, collection services are about 20 - 50% of the size of the refund.

The great demand for "insidious"

If we believe the data detective agency "Conrad" and not trust them no reason, most often use the services of private detectives customers who for whatever reason do not want to apply to law enforcement agencies because they believe that will not get the proper result there. And it refers to the search for an advantage, because it is not rare in the police man can hear about these words: "If there is in the morgue, it means, live. Go and do not interfere with our work. " That is why the surveillance and investigation of people are the most popular services. Almost fifty percent of all appeals related to the fact that clients want to know if they do not change the second half, they were ordered to do surveillance of the husband or the wife. And very frequent cases when a man turns to conduct a provocation of his woman, to see how it can go for treason to him. And not a few people who want to have a maximum setting on a specific person or a specific organization. It is with such requests, and apply to the detective agency owners and managers of companies that want to be sure of the sincerity of its partners.

It happens in the private detective and not a few wide variety of curiosities. One such own experiences and told "Khreschatyk" Detective Yuri Conrad. "Once in our detective agency I called the man who began to suspect his wife that she had a lover. And it was not surprising, because it became much later to return home, and she came from the new jewelry. As a result of the investigation it became clear that it is simply not saying anything to her husband opened their own businesses. And there was one case where the Agency has addressed in an anonymous, who asked to collect all that is possible, to a certain person. But then, as it became known that this person was the client. He just came curiosity about what exactly will it collect detectives. There was a curiosity and a member of the detective agency, which issued the contract to the company client as a new employee. He had to investigate and find out who is muddying the waters in the company and conducts subversive activities. It was prepared just wonderful legend. Go as early as his first-time director announced to everyone that he now works with a detective, who will help him to bring all to clean water. Especially that the detective had among them. But no one knew who this man.

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