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Holmes on call. Among the Ukrainians is growing demand for private detectives

Holmes on call. Among the Ukrainians is growing demand for private detectives

Holmes on call. Among the Ukrainians is growing demand for private detectives

Quieter water. Most of the investigations of a detective agency "Conrad" The main thing to work as a detective - to be invisible
To date, in high demand detective services in the Ukrainian market. Those sensitive issues, for which would not undertake valiant police, this is the front of the work for which and are ready to take detectives.

One of the nannies (we will not call her name) in Kiev looking for a job. And to this end, she decided to apply to the recruitment agency. But when she was asked to show where the recommendations given in the last place of work, the woman said that she had not, because all the papers were lost. This agency just threw up his hands, but turned to the detective agency with a request to check out this young lady. Investigators conducted an investigation and found the owl, the lady worked in certain places that she has no criminal record, including it has no debts and loans. They also had a chat with the parents and children who are looked after before the governess. "But after me will get the complete dossier to the detective agency, I was able to get a job" - told us the girl herself. Although initially such scrutiny outraged lady. But there came a time when she herself had to go to a detective agency.

The girl started to buy an apartment, but did not use the services of real estate agents and contacted directly with the landlord. It just so decided to save a little. "I am very much afraid that I was deceived - she confessed to us. - And I remember that I was very personnel officers checked using the services of a private detective. Therefore, she turned to him. " This service cost girls in two thousand hryvnia, for which she received information on all documentation apartments. No doubt no more. "That mind that I got really worth the most money that paid the detectives," - says the girl.

Holmes on call. Among the Ukrainians is growing demand for private detectivesSearch of people. The girl Anna from the Crimea decided to use the services of a private detective to find her lover, with whom many years ago she had lost contact. Detectives perfectly done their homework and found a guy who turns out to have had a family.

Despite the fact that detectives were outside the law, for their services in Ukraine is incredibly popular. The industry is going through at the moment its heyday. And if you take into account the data of the Ukrainian association of private detectives, it is only in the last two years the number of such detective agency in our country has increased no more, no less, but ten times. They now there are about five hundred across the country. But to take advantage of their services for a variety of occasions and reasons already managed about fifteen percent of Ukrainians.

In order not to be punished today detectives are forced to hide their activities for signs simple security company, as well as various consulting companies, and sometimes the media. While there is the same law that could regulate their activities. And here, for example, in Russia it has been around for a long time, since 1992. Naturally, the bulk of a larger number of employees of such agencies are neither consultants nor journalists. And all they have worked for many years in law enforcement. "Usually, as a result of the resignation of the police go to work in a security company, or in a private detective agency - explains the situation head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Public Relations. - I personally have many friends who are now engaged in an honest detective work. But I must point out that by law, this activity is not regulated. "

Including parts of the detectives may also be taken and for the orders, which are intimate. These orders include the identification of fornication or adultery investigation. and in all these cases, the customer receives a complete photo-video report, which will confirm or deny all possible suspicions. But detectives never be taken for carrying out operational investigative activities. "It plays an important role is the question of legalization of detective work. At the moment it is a very controversial and will certainly require discussion, "- said the head of the Interior Ministry. But despite all this, if only for the last month of about three hundred former employees of law enforcement bodies and special services and intelligence expressed his strong desire to engage in conduct private investigation, and asked why the Association of private detectives. "More than thirty of these have turned to us have already found a job and settled it," - shares with us the president of the association.

Holmes on call. Among the Ukrainians is growing demand for private detectives

Both the detective Yuri Conrad was once a member of the Criminal Investigation Department. But after he retired, he opened his own detective agency "Conrad", which is officially registered as a consulting company. "No one is ready to give detectives right to understand the lives of others, - says Yuri on this topic. - And this is understandable, since directly is a violation of constitutional rights. " And in this situation it will be extremely difficult to do without amendment in the Constitution itself.

Detectives in the rateBut with all of this, despite the illegality of the detective agency, it does not prevent them to do their work and to cooperate with different corporate customers, thereby earning very good money. For example, at the moment one of the most popular services is the solution to various personal issues and security of their own business. To do this, it is sometimes used a polygraph test or lie detector, as it is called. This procedure may be ordered to conduct an audit of applicants for various positions. And the cost of the test in this case, the client will cost one hundred and fifty - two hundred dollars. If it will be a full internal investigation, for example, on the fact of theft of manufactured, in this case, the cost of this service will be increased to three hundred dollars for carrying out verification of one person. "We also carry out inspections of premises for their audition - answers to our questions Krivorchuk detective. - Sometimes we have partners against fraud and apply black PR. " Simply put - it's just blackmail. Also detectives to search for dirt on those entrepreneurs who are in debt, then it becomes much more profitable as quickly as possible to give all of their debt than to get some publicity about its activities.

But Detective Agency "Conrad" and also undertake to carry out more complex processes. For example, they can start an investigation to find the "mole" in the company - a person who is engaged in draining vital information to competitors. To do this, investigators conducted the introduction of its employees in the client company to have in the course of his career, he could find the spy. "But the most difficult in all of this is just the introduction to scout the competition on Wednesday," - he told us the head of the agency Conrad Yuri. To pull this thing is necessary to spend a few thousand dollars.

But above all else it is necessary and very private detective every month to make the payment of wages, the size of which is about two - three thousand dollars. And that's without taking into account the costs that are to carry out the investigation itself, which is carried out in some cases it may simply years. Due to this fact, most customers and clients of such services of detective agencies are enough wealthy people and businesses.
But just for your daily bread detectives can earn much easier. "The main part of the investigations is necessary to conduct inspections of how the child lives, or to clarify the integrity of the business partner, and we often spend search of people or couples check allegiance to each other," - says the detective. Such cases did not fall within the competence of militia, so people have no choice but to apply it to the detective agency.
After Anna Slipych moved from the Crimea to Kiev, she broke off all contact with their old friends and acquaintances. But after a few years, she realized that the very longing for one friend who did not admit that loves him. All individual attempts to find a guy in what it failed. In connection with this girl and she asked the detective agency. "After a couple of days later I was informed that my friend got married - the lady is going through. - I did not like flattery in someone else's family, so I just stopped to investigate. " But she appreciated how effective are private detectives and now on the basis of the experience gained wants to see how faithful to her current choice. "You can trust, but you need to check and" - she laughs.


The Parliament has repeatedly considered the bills, which are supposed to legalize the activities of private detectives. But every time lacked the necessary votes for adoption. At the beginning of the legislators wanted to allow private investigators to collect biographical data and the information that is required to go to court clients of agencies, to carry out search of the missing people and to make up for them, to carry out the study of documents and draw on the radio and optical instruments. But in the last bill was banned as wiretapping of premises and carrying out shooting in the premises without the consent of the owner of the room. And if not so long ago the deputies would allow the detectives periodically in certain situations apply also firearms together with handcuffs and truncheons, tear gas, then in the final version of the bill in this regard has not been said a single word.

"Just our society very much afraid of everything else he did not know, - said on this subject, Vladimir Oleinik, deputy of the Duma of the Party of Regions, which is a co-author of the latest edition of the draft law on detective activity, which was excluded from consideration in May. - But given the fact that the market for this service is very popular, it is urgently necessary to withdraw from the shadows. I am confident that the adoption of such a law can not cause any harm to people. The most important thing in all of this - it is indispensable to introduce licensing of investigators working in this area, that to them it was possible to impose strict requirements. " The deputy also said that after the expected reduction will occur in the power structures, many people simply will not work. And if the detective activity is legalized, it will allow them to use their tried and tested, and further skills are also under state control.

Sergei Odarenko