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Detectives searching for missing Kiev lovers and watching wives

Detectives searching for missing Kiev lovers and watching wives


In the private detective in fact there is no romance.
"KP" find out how the capital as "master detective".

Detectives searching for missing Kiev lovers and watching wives
Julia Mikhailuk. Photo Ludmila Marchuk.

In the United States, private detectives often called "bounty hunter." And this is not surprising. In this country, this type of activity is very popular. And according to some data, every tenth resident of the state at least once, but I used the services of detectives. But the people of Ukraine in this respect did not hurry to catch up with America. While those who are well versed in this market, they say that every year the demand for detectives in the capital is increasing every year.

- People are much more likely to contact the detective agency not for the reason that they do not want to work with the police, but because they do not want any bad publicity, and because the police often do not want to work with the minor, in their view, the question and there are citizens of Ukraine, - says the situation Yuri Conrad, who runs one of the capital's detective agencies.

It is difficult to say with precision now, how many in our country at the moment works as a private detective agency. But according to unofficial sources, their number has about two thousand. But the official did not exist. And the reason for this lies in the fact that the list of types of business there is no such point as the provision of private detective services. This in turn means that the licenses for such work simply not provided. And due to this fact, as recognized in the detectives themselves, many detective agencies are forced to wear a disguise or security agency advisory company.

- For example, it is our company began publishing. That is, we gather information as journalists. But already in the preparation of contracts with customers, our services are designated as "hidden software protection" or "provision of legal advice." In general, the main thing is that the client was satisfied with, - says Yuri us.

Detectives on the verge of the law

As they say themselves detectives, mostly high demand for their services is happening in September - November. And it often concerns such services as people search, which was conducted rapidly holiday romance. It is also not uncommon detectives have to look for the missing lovers suddenly applied the ladies. And if you want to find her seducer, you will need to pay for the pleasure of two hundred dollars a day. But if you become a suspect your mate that to you it is not true, then the organization of surveillance of a person will be worth at least three hundred and fifty dollars a day.

- Orders that are related to the disclosure of infidelity, are very popular, - said on this subject head of the agency. In particular, when the process of coming to court and needed a photo as evidence of treason. But there is a caveat. Our legislation is strictly forbidden to invade someone else's privacy rights. In this regard, to conclude contracts with customers this kind of service is stipulated only as "the provision of information consultation."

And this balancing on the verge of the law is quite understandable. Just in our country, I can not pass a law "On private investigative activity", which, according to the lawyer, Ivan Makar, can enter the work of private detectives in the legal field.

- The draft law has not once fed to the Verkhovna Rada, but so far unfortunately, has not been adopted - makes its findings lawyer. - But with all of this, despite the indifference of some deputies and our society to this issue, the legal status of detective agencies, sooner or later must still be resolved.

Children - is everything

One of the main activities of private detectives - is carrying out the search of the disappeared people. In particular there is a question very seriously if children go missing. Many detectives saying that the cause of this problem is a severe burden on the police, which can not in any way udelat enough time to each individual case. Others say that if the police and deals with such matters, it does not begin to address them immediately, because in accordance with the law, you must wait three days, and only then go and apply for the disappearance of a person. And it should be said that the professionalism of the detectives is precisely not only to quickly find the information, but also to correct it later used in his work. And in this issue a very important role played by those skills that have been obtained by detectives when they work in law enforcement.

What's happening abroad?

If we talk about the experience of other countries, there are private detectives sometimes serious support and the support of law enforcement. For example, in the US, France or Germany there are even special tokens which are very similar to police badges. There's even a detective's authority to detain the offender. And they have a right to bear arms.

Financial issue

The price of the services of a private detective is directly related to how complex the order, as well as draw attention to the material level of the client. And not all detectives will negotiate payment before until I find out all the details of the order.

But here are some figures on this subject:

- Conducting search of people - from $ 250 per night;

- The implementation of surveillance spouse - $ 350 per night;

- Conducting search and collection of information on child support dodgers - $ 300 per night;

- Holding a photo - video - $ 350 per night;

- Carrying out the collection of information - from $ 250 per night;

- Carrying out the search of witnesses - from $ 250 per night;

- Carrying out checks on the car theft - $ 200;

- Provision of collection services - 20 - 50% of the amount repaid.