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When showing pictures of betrayal, women say yes and know. Men are silent

When showing pictures of betrayal, women say yes and know. Men are silent

Usually, summer resorts rides the whole family. But if someone is still, for some reason, and decided to stay at home, very private detectives asked to follow that person. And that no different detectives said that they most often deal exclusively solve business issues, conduct of business intelligence, collect information about competitors, private matters and they are not strangers. And that audits to the fact of adultery is today the main task of virtually any Ukrainian detective. In this case they are asked to show them the photo of the person and indicate the number and the model name, the place where he lives and works, the addresses that are most likely to attend. And then it begins monitoring of the patient man. If he kisses someone, it is clearly not easy with my friend. If visiting the hotel - clearly, this is not just a business meeting. This made photo and video.

There was a situation, when we asked a fairly rich man. It so happened that someone give every Thursday became his wife seven red roses. But he did not wondered if she changes it or not. All that interested him, so that's exactly who makes such gifts. He was ready to pay any money for the information. One hour of our work in the performance of such orders costs about forty dollars, but if you need to work all day that the price would be three hundred dollars. Surveillance began on Wednesday. On Thursday his wife were once again rose. And it turned out just what it is doing its staff. But after the man showed a photograph of his wife, all the gifts have ceased.

When showing pictures of betrayal, women say yes and know. Men are silentOnce turned to us thirty-seven year old client. She asked to inspect her husband, who she thought was cheating on her. Began to conduct surveillance, and found themselves in shock, things he got up. He sits down in a minibus, a detective following him, but as soon as the car began to move, the man who seems to be sitting normally, suddenly started shouting to the driver that he stopped abruptly opened the door and almost none on the fly out of the car. Then standing in the street, looking at different angles and smiles to all passers-by. Companions had to go on, well, I just kept surveillance because he was in the car at the time. And sometimes, he just comes to work in the elevator, detective necessarily follows. The office is located on the sixth floor, and he was suddenly on the third exit. It was and is, he caught a taxi and went quietly. But very sharply car began to gain speed, and almost on the red flew. We have almost all day chasing him through the city. And on the third day I called the client the and told him what was going on with her husband. He said that she did not change, but creates horrible. It is in response to this just laughed. It was agreed on the meeting that she gave the rest of the money. We came, and there they sit together with her husband. The man with the big smile and shook hands with us. It turns out it was just interesting to see how the detective work.

Using the phone, you can know which route to move peopleIt told us investigator Yuri Conrad: Even if the phone is switched off, it is still, however, it remains a radio transmitter. The base operator at any time saved each of our conversation and sent messages. And it can be made by phone, not only locating the person in a given moment, but also to make surveillance of the whole route of its movement. If you wish, you can even make a card from a mobile operator, which will be marked with all the places where and when was the owner of the phone completely at any time. It is elementary that calculates exactly where a particular subscriber. And even if the unit is turned off at this time, the mobile operator will still continue to see him. And even if you remove the battery from the phone, it will still go broadcast signal. This is possible due to the fact that all modern devices is two batteries. One is the battery, which powers the phone in operation, and the other is necessary for the police regime is in case your phone is stolen.

To find out exactly where a person can be using the station address, the host mobile communication. But due to the fact that there is a distortion of the signal due to the presence of urban development, the uncertainty in these figures is about two hundred meters.

If a woman is suspected, it can cause male infidelity

Says psychologist Valentine Paroby, 27 years old:
Very often, women in some begin to suspect their men, but those it is on this basis and change them. On its own psychology almost any woman does not want to know any truth, especially about their loved one, but it still tries to find out some facts in common friends, mutual friends, certainly will dig into his pockets and read all SMS messages his mobile phone. And by these his suspicions she certainly could itself push the man to change. Almost all of his patients to dissuade me that they turned to the detective agency. You can be sure one hundred percent that this is absolutely a waste of the family budget.

Much will be better if you just sit down and talk with her husband quietly. Distrust favorite in most cases paranoid has some fad. But the aggravation occurs sometimes in the same period when the aggravated all psychological disease, and in the autumn and spring. It should also be remembered that for other people, we often judge for themselves. And if I, for example, there is a certain desire to walk away from a loved one, that, accordingly, it is also certainly is.

Olesya Pop

Cost of services rendered detective agency "Conrad":
- Conducting surveillance photo will cost $ 300 per day;- Polygraph test would cost a half thousand hryvnia;- The organization is searching for people from the two hundred and fifty dollars;- Check your children's lifestyle - $ 300 per night;- Investigation - from five hundred dollars;- Tracing of witnesses - from five hundred dollars;- Conduct handwriting analysis - from $ 250;- Provision of collection services - 20 - 50 per cent of the amount repaid.

But there are people who just want to necessarily give up, especially if the man has a good income and a stable state, of which the woman can get yourself in case of divorce. But to turn the necessary on something to catch the faithful. And sometimes specifically ordered us to provoke a person to commit adultery. Although it is all covered under the elementary test of his allegiance. And with such a request we receive a lot of complaints. One day we had to work with such an order a few months. And one of the most popular services is the search for stolen property. Most often turn to the case of theft of cars or mobile phones. There was a situation last year when people loaned the car to one man who wanted taksovat her. But after three months there was no car, either the man. We were able to find it on a mobile phone in another city, about seven hundred kilometers from the place where he lived, our customer. The car was parked in a broken state.
Also, we have to conduct an investigation on fraud in the insurance industry. There was a situation, when a man stole a Lexus. It was a brand new, recently Imported from America. He put it in his garage, which was outside the city, but three days later, when the man returned tuzha found that the door had been broken, and the car was not there. But the car was bought on credit with insurance of one hundred thousand dollars. Some of the insurance contribution was to go to repay the loan, and the rest remained the owner of the machine. The insurance company asked us to investigate. In accordance with the agreement in the event that occurs when the abduction car owner will certainly have to give credit to the insurance company of its technical data sheet with all sets of keys and a remote control from the alarm. This car had to go three sets of keys, equipped with chips. But the owner gave only two sets with remote control. After checking into the car cabin, which installs alarm, it turned out that he gave control of the committed another alarm, and on vinkodu Body found that the car is already sold in one of the cities in Russia. That was enough to give your insurance company denied payment of insurance. However, they also filed for a man complained to the police for fraud.

We do not know how it ended for him.

In the month of private investigator can earn from one thousand dollars. Not much overclocking. I even have a car with no tinting. I am a simple and quite ordinary person who could easily get lost among other people. We are not seldom cooperate with the girl with whom you can easily go to a cafe and sit down at the table next to a man being monitored. We both will conduct their dialogue, but in parallel to listen to and what to talk about the man. In some cases, we can take pictures. If a detective is really professional, it is simply impossible to find. And if a man met his eyes, it is not necessary in the next half an hour to cross his path, because then he just remembers you.

We do not knocking out the money, and under no circumstances do not work with minors and are not engaged in wiretapping phones. This can be done only if the permission of the special services. Although it is worth noting the fact that the mobile phone is just a terrible thing. It even turned off can be operated as a microphone. It may set a special device that allows you to control someone else's cell phone with their own, that is, it will be possible to read other people's SMS messages, listen to other people's conversations.
In its bulk detectives of the country - it's the Ukrainian security service, the procurator or the police, which are currently in retirement. Say and write that Kiev is currently working a lot for the different agencies. But in fact really works in all units. Accurate statistics on the matter does not exist, because the activity of a private detective is not fixed at the legislative level the country.

Recorded Marina Malysheva
Companies monitor their accountants

In Europe, nearly one in ten people at least once, but turned to the detective agency. And turning on various occasions. This could be the organization of surveillance for children or for couples. But when it comes to the large companies, there is often begin to spy on their accountants or commercial directors. And this service will cost the customer in five hundred euros. If the dirt is found, the fee will certainly be doubled.

- I found out through the detectives that my husband has a mistress. But I wanted to save our marriage, because only talk to this woman. For service gave detectives hundred euros, and even the top paid four euros for something to get photos - he told us the thirty-seven year old Sonia, who lives in Berlin.

But the private detective agency, which belongs to a former officer of the Chinese National Security Agency, conducts its investigations in the field of intellectual property, as well as investigating economic crimes. But beyond that they conduct searches of people, personal data is carried out asking the wanted man.

- We have observed a strong lack of funds. We could not understand exactly who produces theft. But we do not want this process to connect the tax office, tells us the owner of a workshop. - Detectives have decided to install a hidden video surveillance in our office and to check the documentation. We gave up just two thousand dollars, but failed to find the perpetrators.

In Russia at present officially registered about ten thousand detective agencies, which employ about four thousand employees. Among their regular customers are banks, constantly requesting verification of their clients. on average, a corporate investigation will be worth about five - six thousand dollars, but the search for the human cost four thousand dollars. If you need to conduct covert surveillance, it will cost between five hundred dollars. Last year alone, the United States has worked nearly thirty-two thousand private investigators, the average salary in the year that the family is forty thousand dollars.

Svetlana Grezda and Catherine Mishchuk

How to protect yourself from fraud in the field of private investigation?

All rates should be at approximately the same level as its competitors. And if all of the conduct of surveillance is asked from three hundred to six hundred dollars a day, and you someone offers to carry out such a job for a hundred dollars, then you should definitely think about the quality of these services. If you are also invited to make a payment for services or electronic payment by credit card only, not spending at the same private meeting, it is also a great danger that you throw. And a very great deal of trust is an agency that is willing to conclude a contract for the provision of their services.