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Is it possible to fool a lie detector. Our experiment

Polygraph help indirect questions, and liars will not make the pain

Approval of the famous movie hero Dr. House that lie everything is not wrong, and sheer truth. Hundreds of times a day, each of us becomes a liar. For example, the children say mom that put on a hat when outside temperatures below zero, and your touch, "not me," and in general "she fell." Naturally, all this is elementary lie.

And here I am personally in such moments certainly attended one idea, and that could be, if it's me that's such a good and beautiful sent to the lie-detector test? Most likely, all of my best parietal side certainly began to come out into the light for all to see. And it is with this thought I went to the detective agency "Conrad" to talk with an experienced poligrafolgom Pavel Volkov.

Before this course, I have read more than one tonne of clever tips for how you can fool the machine. And now I sit in a chair that is going to start lying. But now, after I saw a dozen wide variety of sensors, which are attached to the fingers to his head and chest guinea somehow my confidence start to deflate gradually. "The screen will certainly affect even the smallest your excitement, even if you are absolutely crystal people, and even more to hide cheating and you do not succeed, - explains the whole process in his own line. - Your body will be put on the seven indicators: the beating of your heart, the movement of toes, depth and frequency of your breathing, changes in voice, and sweating at the fingertips of your hands. And even here there is no need to directly ask you whether or not the money stolen from the safe. You can come here a lot trickier. For example, I'll ask the question: "Kate, and you do not know what school you attended?" Of course, you know the answer to this question. And at that moment I suddenly ask: "Kate, and you do not know by chance, in which one school studied the man who had stolen money from the same safe?". And if you have anything to do with the attitude, then your brain will start to take you to me and say, "Katya, well, it's you and I did!" Polygraph also be able to detect these changes.

Indeed, all my attempts to call a completely different name, distort any, even the smallest details, or try to think about the process of answering your favorite cat to divert from the topic of lie detector, have not been successful - the polygraph able to calculate all my innermost secrets .

A variety of customersAs Paul says Volkov, come to him to find out the truth, the most different in age and social position of the people. But while almost all of them have the same problem. Mainly concerned about the issue in order to check this or that person, before taking him to his work. Also very urgent problem of infidelity or just some family problems. We assist in the investigation related to the theft. Not so long ago we were obliged to check the guy began to suspect of theft. He came to us quite a normal young man, but I immediately suspected that there was something wrong. I perfectly saw that he was very well dressed, but his shoes were just the most absurd. I began to ask him questions, and the screen began to show that he actively stirs fingers of his feet. I asked him to take off his shoes. He took off, and then the whole leg was in his blood. And it turned out that he just planted himself under the thumb of the pushpin. And every time it was necessary to answer my questions, he presses her to deceive the detector pain. Of course, it turned out that the money was stolen by him.

On the screen. Displayed in heart rate and breathing. Photo: AP Volkov

And that just does not happen in our practice. "I came to me as something colorful couple. The lady was very large, stately and still holding a shopping bag from which protruded tail herring. But her husband was incredibly small, frail and skinny man. And the husband was clearly something scared - says Paul. - It put forward against him that he had a vicious relationship with their neighbor. And she begged husband check on a lie detector. I asked her to go out and start a preliminary conversation with the man. He admitted to me without even a lie detector. We naturally decided to tell his wife the truth. I invite her to do so, but did not expect that she arranged. It's right that his shopping bag with herring in the start to peel the poor guy at all possible and impossible places of the body, knocking him to the floor. It was just awful some. Barely able to calm her. But to beat his man of blood. "

Paul told me that sometimes it is and not to laugh. "Sometimes it happens that we have to work with the real criminals. And it is known that they have currently on your mind. He did not bring with them any weapons. " It happens that the situation is heating up just to the limit. "In one case, a very respectable man literally brought me his wife, too, to check her for treason. She willingly agreed to the passage detector test. Her husband asked if he will be present during this interrogation. I said that, most likely, in his presence, his wife will not speak the truth, and offered to walk a bit until we work. A test lasts about half an hour. It turned out that the girl was quite clear, as I hurried to tell her husband. But then he started yelling that we, as he walks behind him the money for his horns he instructed. Well, that could answer this Othello? ".

But with all of this is no protection from the polygraph is not. This is due to the fact that he had just a private company and not some police station. And if the polygraph does confirm the guilt of the perpetrator, the problem Paul simply contact the customer of this check, he has to take some concrete steps. "But sometimes even the police the results of the home inspection can not play any role. They are in such matters a clue, but not the evidence. "

Even Yogi could not fool a polygraphI attempted to fool the polygraph, but it was useless. And I said why. It turned out that all of the recommendations that I read about how to fool the machine, which is a huge number of Internet (for example, as in the case of the button in the boot) - it's just a trap themselves as polygraph examiners.

"We do write and distribute such advice to arouse the interest of potential customers, - says Paul. - It's a machine that is simply impossible to cheat. Failure can occur only in the system program, which will only be of minor errors. And only one single time a little man managed to confuse this device. We conducted an experiment and invited him for a man practicing yoga for many years, which is well able to control your breathing. But beyond that, he still has a bullet, and he sweats, all common people. Therefore, the deception did not work. "

To hear the whole truth in a detective agency, to pay within five hundred hryvnia. But the price can vary depending on how complicated your situation is. In addition, it is worth remembering that pass a polygraph test person can only voluntarily.

By the way, the polygraph is also in the cupola MIA ARC. But law enforcement use it only when working with certain criminals. It used this machine only in special cases and very difficult situations. If you need to really narrow down the suspects in the crime.

Author: Catherine Sereda