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Do not "legal" profession - Detective

Do not "legal" profession - Detective


Do not "legal" profession - Detective

Each of us in his early childhood playing detectives, reveling in stories of the books Gardner, Edgar Allan Poe and Chase. But now once more dominates the minds of our time Marinin, Konstnatinov and Daria Dontsova. Of course, the taste and color, as they say. But the fact remains that, investigators have always been and will be in the future. Here are today order their services available to the detective agency. As long as such a law, which would regulate and fully permitted to conduct such activities do not exist. But even there his project. And with all of this for a decade detective agency in Ukraine operate far underground. The path even in the legislation and there are no specific rules which would be able to fully regulate their work, but also the absence of such laws did not say that their work is indeed prohibited.

What today is a real detective?

Today Detective - it is quite competent and erudite man who sometimes has several formations, and knows several languages, has a wealth of experience, is a great psychologist, able to analyze complex situations, is able with lightning speed to make difficult decisions in an extreme situation, fully responsible for them. Also, this should be added that he had a great sense of humor, and it must have amazing acting ability as detectives often have to transform into other images. And most of all - a former law enforcement officers.

And to learn more about this specialty at first hand, we decided to speak directly with a representative of this difficult specialty.

Coordinator Detective Agency "Conrad" Yuri Conrad (Kiev)

Detective Agency "Conrad" operates not only in Kiev or in the territory of the Kiev region, but also actively helps its clients throughout Ukraine, taking orders, even in other countries. In this regard, we are very much helps to have a very serious and extensive relationship with the now works as a private detective and detective agencies in Latin America, Africa and Asia as well as in Europe. This gives us an opportunity to solve many issues remotely. But of course, that our staff is always ready to make a personal check if this is really necessary.

The employees of our detective agency are members of the International Police Association, as well as part of the professional and other associations, which is a great help in our work.

Cor. There is an opinion that most detectives are investigating adultery. It really is?

Coordinator Detective Agency "Conrad" Yuri Conrad (hereinafter DA "Conrad" - ed.):

Of course not. But given the fact that our activities in Ukraine is not legalized as it should be in fact, that not all the inhabitants of our country have the necessary information about the opportunities that they can get in contact with us, and are not know that the list of services that provides a detective agency. We have the very real professionals with excellent training, for his work in various departments. They have excellent skills and the necessary knowledge. But most importantly, they have the experience. And it is not rare besides that apply to us, so that we can identify adultery, we can also:

- To carry out search of people. And this includes tracing fraud, runaway children, relatives of people);

- Carrying out inspection business partners before you enter into a deal with them;

- Carrying out the search of stolen cars;

- The implementation of handwriting examination;

- Carrying out the collection of evidence (to be submitted to the court during a given investigation);

- Conducting a polygraph examination;

- Carrying out inspection of premises to identify bugs.

In short, we can say that offer their professional help in those matters which do not normally fall within the competence of lawyers, and in some cases, the competence of law enforcement. This, of course, infidelity, as well as a number of other very different situations, which for some reason can not handle the police.

Cor. Given the fact that at this stage until the legislation of Ukraine in no way regulates the detective activities, the principles on which you build your work?

YES "Conrad": Our principles in this situation is: we are not forbidden is allowed. But of course, we also focus on the principles of honesty and complete privacy for those who approach us for help. It is extremely difficult to explain to foreigners that for some reason we can not sign any contracts with them, it is about providing detective services, because our legislation this activity is simply not settled. And we believe that the lack of such a law does not paint our country, and looks completely crazy in these conditions. By and large, the work and activities carried out there, but nothing of its regulation is not there. But many customers need to was a contract that will give them a guarantee of their rights. Therefore, there are so many on the market of non-professional players, and often even face a swindler, whose activities sometimes when the situation is simply impossible to fix.

Cor. Almost all the detective agency really enjoyed huge popularity. You trust not only individuals, but even those who are engaged in business. And most of all, that in the case of great need, they will come, and will return it to you, not a law enforcement officer. And here there is a constant question of earnings. It is quite clear that it is extremely difficult to compare the salaries of a police officer and private investigator. Or is it more than that?

YES "Conrad": Here I am with you does not agree. In many situations, it is simply impossible to help is better than it will make it a law enforcement officer who has a certain power. And to be honest, that I, as a former law enforcement officer, a few sad that this is the case. Not at all you can not discredit the police. This is the task of our state, to have appropriate conditions of work in which they will be able to qualitatively carry out their duties. We are in such conditions it is thanks to our customers, who are very well paid for our work. Also, we get quite often and just extra bonuses for a job well done. But many questions and problems of our clients just do not come in a range of influence of law enforcement bodies, in connection with which they have to apply to us.

Cor. What is your detective agency services are most in demand?

YES "Conrad": These services, which I am about to say is probably the most popular. But our main advantage is the fact that we have representatives in each region of Ukraine, which allows us to provide our services on-line:

- Identification of marital infidelity;

- Checking people polygraph;

- Carrying out the collection of information on potential partners;

- Securing business;

- Carrying out checks lifestyle children;

- Carrying out a wide variety of investigations, which also applies to Internet fraud.

Cor. But there are orders for which you do not take in any circumstances?

YES "Conrad": Of course, if these orders are somehow related to the crime, and completely run counter to the laws of our country. It is all the money will still be earned. And we do not it will be interesting. The most important thing for us - is the stability and integrity of our reputation.

Cor. Do you cooperate with law enforcement?

YES "Conrad": After the client's request, we make all the necessary collection of information, which is absolutely not a crime, very often it is very difficult to move without the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Cor. Have you lawyers for support?

YES "Conrad": Of course. Moreover by them is a lot of references. And many of them cooperate with us on a permanent basis. It is only right approach. The work is related to the securities lawyer with his constant presence in court. We also gather information, which they then give the course in a variety of instances. That is our job is just to collect data is missing, we are holding a variety of expertise. And not infrequently our potential customers are turning to lawyers and lawyers, although we can fulfill their order.

Cor. Is it possible that the information you collect, use because somehow in court as evidence?

YES "Conrad": If it is to properly arrange and use legal methods of its receipt, then anything is possible. For example, when it comes to finding witnesses and just take them with written evidence of some event, what it will not be the proof? Our staff are very experienced operatives, which to some extent and actors. They can play absolutely any role, like in the theater, they can come up with any legend on the move, which will not cause any suspicions, if there is a need to receive confidential any evidence.

Cor. Your services are available exclusively to wealthy people?

YES "Conrad": Here it all depends entirely on the issue that we are facing. It is said that the cost of services do not come cheap. But I would say that everything the market dictates. And we have many satisfied customers who bring new ones. And the price is built according to demand. We have our own brand, which is already trusted. And people are always willing to pay for quality. In some cases, depending on the specific service, we are ready to make concessions, if, for example, we are talking about a missing child or something like that. In this situation, we are ready to take the rest of the payment only if a positive decision. But to work for free, we can not, because there are always certain costs. And people always thank us later.

Cor. For example, if the child was in a very dubious company, how much will it cost to parents, to learn about it?

YES "Conrad": So we can estimate this or that service, we need to understand exactly how much time we have gone out to conduct observation of the child (day or a few hours), we need to understand whether the need to collect information on its environment or will need specific information about his studies. If we talk about, then all data will cost about five hundred dollars. But in general, all these issues are always resolved on an individual basis.

Cor. And you can get a job former employees of UBOP, for example? Or the assistant detective?

YES "Conrad": In most cases we are looking for someone who we need. Naturally, this will only former law enforcement and security agencies, which are already at work in the position shown themselves accordingly. We are not able to give a probationary period and to carry out other checks, because our customers often treated with very sensitive issues. And we can not afford any mistakes.

Cor. Can you tell us some of her own practice that you're surprised or angered by this or that reason.

YES "Conrad": Yes, there was one case in which I was very surprised. Addressed to us as a woman, to conduct an audit on the infidelity of her husband. And when we met her, she showed the photo, and it turned out that a former head of one of our employees, whom we just wanted to put on the performance of this task. But when it was he who saw this photo, then accidentally I said, "Oh, Nikolaitch !!!". The client of course, asked in surprise: "What do you know each other?". He began to speak, just oboznalsya. However, the client began to remember itself that somewhere saw it. As a result, we had to change the employee. But everything went quite well. It turns out her husband has not changed, and she was very happy with client work done.

Thinking out loud

YES "Conrad" coordinator Yuri: Our people still just do not yet know exactly where they can go in case of a difficult situation. They go to the police, but they hear that they have no grounds for action. Or ready to look for gasoline. If they go to lawyers, there is first asked about the well-being, and then a few think twice before you begin to use legal means to spend money for the client, and thus can not give any result.

It is necessary to look at the West, the civilized world, which is already quite a long time it is the private detective solves a lot of variety of issues.

The conversation with the detective held Victoria Burkovskaya

Checking the premises to detect listening devices will cost dollars per one square meter verification is using professional equipment, which costs 25 000 dollars. At this time work for two hours a scanner, as well as being hand observation of the entire premises. It is recommended to book at least once tested forty square meters, which will cost $ 400.

Carrying out a polygraph examination is for a single person and a half thousand hryvnia. It is the most practical way to learn the truth. But it is performed only on a voluntary basis. requires one day of training, which will prepare questions in accordance with the specific task. And the next day will be a test. One person will need approximately two hours. The accuracy of the result will reach - 99 - 100%. This uses

Who is most interested in the issues of betrayal of a loved one?

Most often, this issue active are men because they often provide financial and always ready to go at a very decisive action to establish the fact of the betrayal of a loved one. The women in this respect, more secretive, they often try to use their own strength and resources, but the result is still asking for help detectives.

As a self-identify signs of infidelity?

As customers are saying, this is due to the habitual way of life. It changes. Also changes a person's mood, its financial position.


                                                                        Source: Journal of "Man and Law of Ukraine" № 2 (9) 2011