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WWW-hacking. Internet-spying in Ukraine

WWW-hacking. Internet-spying in Ukraine

WWW-hacking. Internet-spying in Ukraine

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Life for all to see. What is the fraud and robbery on the Internet, Hope Buchynska assessed on their own experience in the moment when her blog, as well as all mailboxes and ICQ be available for a friend of her husband, after he made them breaking. Wives are spying on their own husbands, husbands at that time watching their wives and mistresses, parents are watching their children, but the children have for their friends. And the result is a cycle. Espionage in Ukraine is gaining its momentum, becoming particularly popular this action is on the Internet. And the private life of a man who spends a lot of time there, it becomes less and less protected against various hacker attacks and attacks. And it was the absence of any privacy, according to CNN, will be one of the ten major trends this year in the field of the Internet. And it is unlikely the citizens of Ukraine will enter the ranks of the exceptions to the general rule because we only social networking today, there are about six million people, and has been for two thousand eleventh year as forecast direct communications agency, their number will increase no more, or less, but at eighty-five percent. And the fact that people carry their lives in virtual space, is already a cause of curiosity and becomes a cause that is fueled by jealousy and a certain kind of aggression. Banal correspondence via e-mail, Skype, through dialogue, implementation of communication through social networks - all this provokes that there is a brand new method to intervene in the life of another person. It's called the electronic espionage. Yes, and for each type of communication over the Internet has long since created special programs that can crack all and maintain surveillance of people.

There is a huge number of different ways, which will allow access to the private data of almost any Internet user. And these methods more than even themselves social networks or e-mail servers. It is much easier to hack an electronic box or crack IM, previously thoroughly studying its prey. Collects all possible and available information about the person examined his hobbies and preferences, you can even just tie him direct contact, and he did not suspect your account. And already on the results of the study of communication and can pick up the necessary password or just open the necessary access, using a security question. "Fans have to add specific information about yourself in your profile. For example, where they were baptized and married, which went to the first class, about their first kiss, and simultaneously write a checking account. You should not just do it in the profile or status. In this case, the fraudsters will not be hard to get from you what they need, even without putting you to know about it "- warns an experienced detective Yuri Conrad, who is the director of the Moscow detective agency" Conrad. "

If the easiest option does not work, in the course is the heavy artillery: the post office's future victim is entered letter with embedded viruses. Typically, such messages have attachments in the form of pictures or files, which are encouraged to download and open. Often viral correspondence sent on behalf of reputable companies, for example, WebMoney, eBay or Deutsche Telekom. Many users do not think that a major corporation took from ordinary Ukrainian clerk open the link, just blowing into his private life clever hackers.
From $ 50 to several thousand can cost services hackers hacking e-mail or website of a private person
There are many special programs of surveillance and intrusion. Some of them are available for free download on the Internet, and more complex - to buy. For example, one of the most popular programs, Spy Recon, not only captures all that has been entered from the keyboard, including passwords, but also records chats, which were conducted using a computer (ICQ, Skype, MSN).If it does not work at breaking the easiest option, it will certainly have to use a more powerful artillery. In the future victim curled mail a letter, which will include a built-in virus. Most of these letters are already attached file in an archive or some pictures which suggest the recipient to download and then view. By the way, very often such parcel is sent on behalf of well-known companies, it can be Webmoney or any mobile operator. Naturally, many people in such a case would not even think that it is threatened, but simply open the link by running into his personal life experienced Internet scams.
Services hackers are not a cheap pleasure, and the cost can range from fifty dollars to several thousand. These services include e-mail addresses or hacking the site, not only individuals, but also their as well. And also there are many wide variety of programs that allow you to do such break-ins and perform surveillance network. Some of them you even yourself can be downloaded from the Internet or buy, if the problem is more serious. For example, one of the most popular programs is the Spy Recon. It captures everything that is entered from the keyboard particular person and reads the information from the chats.

Trust through verification. According to psychologist Maria Vashchuk Internet intruders often are those people who distrust a problem since childhood. Salvation is from the electronic break-ins may be the action of the users, according to experts, specializing in Internet security. They advise users to create passwords that are more complicated, consisting as of the digits, and various symbols. And also it is used different register. "Of course, there are programs that are engaged in the selection of passwords. But they can be considered sufficiently simple combination of letters and numbers. If the password is the most prepared, then its breaking can take months or even years. But it is worth to invent those passwords that you under no circumstances forget. It is also important to change your password at least once every few months. All your data is entered only from the computer where you are sure to yourself. The fact is that on another computer may be tracking program, "- says well, this subject the opinion hacker Paul, who has considerable experience in these matters. Even despite the fact that these rules are generally known, many of simply ignored. "About a year ago I just started the affair on the side. And, unfortunately, I was too honest with his mistress, not thinking about what it may have consequences. And after we broke up with her, she was able to simply pick up my e-mail password, and the profile in the social network and from there wrote to my wife, gave her all about our relationship with it in every detail. Naturally, I could not blame anyone in this situation except myself "- told us quite frankly its history, Victor, do business.
The most vulnerable for hacking are free services mail. Thus, the famous singer Svetlana Loboda has experienced. Her personal email was hacked a man who used to work with her. "It is for this reason that I was forced to fifteen times to change their mailbox. Friends have jokingly asked me: "Which of your twenty boxes send you a letter?" And my current address tied to my official website. As experts say, to hack this box is much more difficult, "- says the singer.
But it was not necessary to change the e-mail several times and produce generate passwords of hundreds of signs, it is best to use anti-spyware program that will scan your computer for electronic surveillance.

What do you think crackers?
I want to know everything. Denis Avramenko almost became a victim of excessive suspicion of the girl, who has decided to break his profile in the social network. It is not something unique for Ukrainian psychologists work with those who fell victim to commit computer hacking. "The desire to conduct surveillance of a private partner often occurs in those people who are in some way dependent on him. This may be material or emotional dependency. But it is also the cause of everything, and can serve as a distrust of the partner or the own uncertainty, "- he tells us a psychologist with experience Alain Aksenov.
Many victims of such espionage are on the initiative of their own relatives or close friends. "To my great regret, it was with me and there was a similar story. One person close to me made hacking my profile on LiveJournal, as well as cracked all my mailboxes, site and chat rooms. Besides all this, the network has also pornography, on which was written my name and my phone. All these persecutions began a few months later, we divorced. Burglars also proved to be one of my ex-husband, "- told us his story financier Hope Buchynska.
Also, the same problem encountered and business coach Denis Avramenko, which has undergone a strong curiosity on the part of their families and loved ones. "At some point, my girl began to suspect that supposedly started some relationships on the side, and my new passion was the Internet. She decided to pay even the experts, that they broke my profile in the social network, and read the correspondence. But they could not do it. Then it was already worse and funnier. She decided to find the password itself, just sitting at my computer, while I was in the shower. But again, it was unable to do so. I must say that she is doing very well and very carefully. But to get the password is not always possible, "- confessed to Dennis.
Psychologists recommend to show some understanding for such pathological manifestations of curiosity. "This is called a basic distrust of the world. This model of behavior laid down in childhood, and it remains for life, unfortunately. If a person has no trust, it will continue to maintain control, to the maximum to create a sense of security, "- says Maria Vashchuk, an experienced psychologist. For a certain type of people who have a lot of time svobonogo hacking someone else's profile it is simply an attempt to occupy myself with something. As experts say, for these people it is more important than just a hack and not get the data hidden behind a password.

Julia Smidovich, Anastasia Morozova, Focus